Questions to get you started:

  1. Tell me about your favorite professor. What makes him/her so special?
  2. What’s been your favorite class at Middlebury? Why?
  3. What is Winter Carnival?
  4. What is Breakfast at Midnight?
  5. What did you do during J-term?
  6. Do you like the food? What is the best meal?
  7. What is your favorite Middlebury tradition?
  8. What’s Middlebury like in the wintertime?
  9. What is your best memory of Orientation?
  10. How accessible are your Commons Deans?
  11. What student organizations are you a member of? What do you like about them?
  12. What is there to do for fun on weekends?
  13. What is the Hunt?
  14. How does Middlebury show its commitment to environmental sustainability?
  15. If you could describe Middlebury students in one sentence, what would it be? Middlebury professors?
  16. What types of research opportunities are available for students?

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