Please take the following important steps to reserve your place at Middlebury College.

Reserve Your Spot

To reserve your place in the class, you must complete the following:

  • Accept your offer of admission and make a non-refundable tuition deposit of $300 within two weeks of your notification through your application portal.

Accepting this offer of admission from Middlebury indicates your agreement to abide by and uphold the Middlebury Honor Code. All assigned academic work is conducted under the terms of the Honor Code, which is based on the principles of honesty, integrity, and responsibility. Initiated by the student body more than 50 years ago, it remains the cornerstone of our academic community. Please read the complete Constitution of the Undergraduate Honor System.

  • Activate your Middlebury email account.

Shortly after your deposit is processed, you will receive a confirmation email. It may take up to a week before you can activate your Middlebury account. Deposit deadlines and heavy volume can affect how quickly accounts are created and we appreciate your patience. You can then set up your account. You will use your ID (available in your online or paper letter of acceptance) and PIN (birthday in MMDDYY format). After that, you can visit to check your email.

  • Remind your counselor to forward your final high school transcripts.

Please remember that we expect you to satisfactorily complete the school year now in progress.

  • Maintain the same academic course load that was indicated in your application.

Students whose final course selections differ significantly in rigor from what was indicated in their applications are subject to having their admissions decisions reviewed by the admissions committee. If you have any questions about your course load moving forward, please contact the Admissions Office.

  • Inform us of any disciplinary action or unlawful conduct.

Any deterioration of your academic work or notice of disciplinary infraction or unlawful conduct will be cause for the Admissions Committee to review its decision and may lead to the revocation of our offer of admission.

Additional Information

To make your transition as smooth as possible, be sure to visit the Orientation page for up to date information about what to expect upon arrival at Middlebury.

For further questions, please use our Resources and Contact Information to connect with the appropriate office.