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Group of Middlebury students sit outside on leaf covered lawn talking and eating.
At Middlebury, you’ll be part of a globally diverse student body at one of the most renowned liberal arts colleges in America.

Welcome to Middlebury. We hope that our campus will soon feel like your home away from home.

To help you thrive in your new life here, our friendly staff and diverse programs are committed to helping you make the most of your Middlebury experience.

International students make up about 10 percent of our student population and come from more than 70 countries. As you walk about Middlebury, it is not unusual to hear students speaking different languages and to interact with students from other cultures and countries. The international atmosphere on campus is one we treasure, and we are eager for you to join our community and share your life experiences and perspectives.

Learn more about specific programs and services for new international students:

Middlebury’s Worldview

Hear from some of our international students about what it’s like to be part of the Middlebury community.

There’s so many people from so many different places.

We all bring very different experiences and thought processes and perspectives to the table.

I think students in Middlebury are very curious of the outside world.

So many people who’ve been abroad, who’ve had experiences in other countries.

Learning about other cultures, living in different places, learning about different places and different people.

To know, to share what other people in the world are experiencing.

My first day, we had a meeting and we had to say three interesting facts about ourselves. I said, well, one thing interesting about myself is that I was a yak herder until I was 12.

Everyone was like what? You are a yak herder? Very curious and also naturally interested in knowing about diverse culture. I’m and I was born in a small nomadic family in the eastern part of Tibet. I left Tibet for political reasons, which I had no control over. A lot of the Times actually say education means life to me because I basically risk a life to get an education.

Which is not given to me at the place where I was born. Now that I’m here, I feel like that journey was worth it because I feel like I have finally found a home for myself.

We have students from all over the place. Probably 10% of the student body is international students and we represent about 70 countries.

I’m from Mexico City.
Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina.
I’m from the Maldives.
Bombay or Mumbai.
I’m from Kenya, a place called Matunda.
And not just international students. We also have students from all over the states, California, New York.
Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Stanton, Virginia.
I’m from Auburn, Alabama.
Heisenberg, which is about 45 minutes north of Newbury.
It’s not just about where you came from and where you’re from here. It’s, if you’re interested in diverse things, you meet diverse people. And people are really, really friendly here.

It’s a culture that’s passed on by the people who are already here. It’s on campus as well as in the community. If you’re just walking in the street or something and if you pass by someone, they’ll just look at you and smile. And then you smile back. Their sense of like a human is there, willingness to learn from each other and move forward with each other.

I study political science and Chinese here. But Middlebury offers ten different languages you can choose from, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.
I believe in the power of language. I feel like force and guns are not the tool in this era. We know better now. Taking languages and going abroad not only changes the individual’s life but also the countries and the bigger scope, the politics.

I came to this country with nothing basically. I feel like the community has given so much to me and I feel like i need to give back something.
So basically every Friday from now on, my friend Leslie and I are teaching Chinese to elementary students. You start from low.

I feel like if I do something like this, this would help the community and it benefits both ways. I feel like I’m joining this beautiful community that’s already created here. As long as I have that, any place could be my home.

I feel like I’m at home.
It’s starting to feel like home already.
Yes, I feel like this is a home away from home.
I definitely have found a place where I’ve settled in, and where I feel comfortable being.
I feel like I belong here.

It’s really nice.
During summer this is my home. During winter, if I’m not going away, this is my home.