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You can afford Middlebury. That’s our goal. 
Our Office of Student Financial Services is here to help make your education possible every step of the way, from understanding your aid packet to the logistics of paying your tuition bill.

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Understanding Your Financial Aid Estimate

If you applied for financial aid, you will have received an estimate of financial aid along with your admission offer in the Admissions portal. Your aid estimate may include all or some of the following:

Grants and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships do not have to be repaid. Your grant assistance may be a combination of these:

  • Institutional grants and scholarships.
  • Federal Pell Grant.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG).
  • State grants.

Federal Work-Study/College Job

You may have received federal work-study or a College job as an optional part of your aid estimate. This job will pay you wages biweekly in the form of a paycheck or direct deposit. Your student account will not be credited with the work-study or job amount that appears in your aid package.

You are not required to accept the work-study portion of your aid, of course. However, if you decline work-study, this portion of your aid will not be replaced. 

The Student Employment Office will help you find a campus or work-study job once you’re enrolled and on campus.

Student Loans

Your financial aid estimate may also include student loans. 

Student loans are applied toward your billed fees from the College and can include any of the following: 

  • Federal Direct Subsidized Loans

    These loans have a locked-in interest rate that changes each year. The rate on a first-year loan will differ in following years. The interest on the loan is subsidized by the federal government while you are in school. Interest does not begin to accrue until you begin repayment six months after you graduate or until you cease to be enrolled at least half time.

  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans

    These loans are similar to subsidized loans, but the federal government does not subsidize the interest while you are in school. You may either pay the interest quarterly or let it accrue while you are enrolled in school.

  • Middlebury College Institutional Loans

    You may receive an institutional loan if you do not qualify for need-based federal financial aid or are ineligible due to citizenship status or academic progress. This loan has a fixed 5 percent interest rate, and the interest is subsidized while you are in school. Interest will not begin to accrue until you enter repayment nine months after you graduate, or you cease to be enrolled at least half time.

You are not required to accept the loan portion of your aid package. If you decline, however, this portion of your aid will not be replaced. You and your family will be responsible for paying any loan amount you decline.

Paying Your Tuition Bill

You will receive your bills via email

Each semester, you’ll receive your bill via eBill to your (the student’s) Middlebury email address. Your final financial award package will be itemized in your bill. 

Fall semester bill is sent July 15
Fall semester bill is due August 15

Spring semester bill is sent November 15
Spring semester bill is due December 15

Student Financial Services has more information about your billing and payment options. 

Contact Us

To get in touch with Middlebury’s Student Financial Services Office, email us at or call 802-443-5158.

Tuition and Fees

Middlebury’s 2022–2023 fees are listed below.

Tuition: $64,800
Room & Board: $18,600
Student Activity Fee: $480
Total: $83,880

Your total cost to attend Middlebury may be different depending on whether you have received a financial aid offer.

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