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Congratulations on being admitted to Middlebury College.

We are excited for you to take your place here at Middlebury, joining our approximately 2,600 undergraduate students from around the world who are each a unique part of Middlebury’s inclusive and engaged liberal arts and sciences community.

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Congratulations and Welcome

Nicole Curvin, dean of admissions, is glad you’re here.

Hello new friends and congratulations. I’m Nicole Curvin, dean of admissions, and I am delighted that you have been admitted to Middlebury College. We feel truly fortunate to have had the chance to learn about you, and to consider not only your accomplishments thus far, but what we can see you will bring to us at Middlebury. I know that you probably never imagined your high school career and your college search experience would be impacted by a global pandemic. So, I also want to thank you for your optimism, and your enthusiasm for future plans. I’m excited about our future together. I’m deeply grateful for your interest in Middlebury, and I encourage you to connect with us, our admissions team, our students, our faculty, our staff, and alumni. We can answer any questions that you may have about what the next four years will be and beyond. We’re inclusive, creative, dynamic, and engaged academically and a residential community, filled with ideas and opportunities. And we can’t wait to have you among us. Welcome to Middlebury.

A Welcome from President Patton

Greetings from Laurie L. Patton, 17th president of Middlebury. 

Greetings, future Middlebury student! I’m Laurie Patton, and I’m the president of Middlebury. I love Middlebury, and I’m sure you will too. One of my favorite things about Midd is our physical place in the world. Being here in Vermont, in this natural, peaceful, often breathtakingly beautiful state is truly special. And every day at Midd, we’re surrounded by the power of the outdoors and the inspiration of the natural world. It’s a great part of what energizes our learning, whether that’s in the sciences or languages or humanities or social sciences or arts, or one of our greatest strengths, environmental studies. Here at Midd, perhaps more than any other college in the country, we’re imbued with a profound sense of place. I’m excited for you to come learn with us here, in our community, in this landscape. And keep in mind, this beautiful location is just the beginning. Middlebury is not only one of the nation’s top liberal arts and sciences colleges, but we are also arguably one of the most globally engaged colleges in the country. So at Middlebury, you can discover your place in the world. You’ll have the opportunity to study at Middlebury’s 12 language schools, our 36 schools abroad, and in California at the Middlebury School of International Studies at Monterey. You can have a Middlebury in DC summer internship, take part in funded research around the globe, and be mentored by Middlebury graduates through our international alumni network. There is so much that your admission to Middlebury can lead to next, and I’m eager to see what you’ll do here with us. I look forward to meeting you. Congratulations and welcome to Midd!

Why Will You Come to Middlebury?

Speaker 1:

Why will you come to Middlebury? Is it because you want to speak your truth?

Speaker 2:

And in every one of your classes you’ll be empowered to do so?

Speaker 3:

Because you want to be seen as who you are and who you aspire to become.

Speaker 4:

Because you wanted to meet with an award-winning scholar who was also your teammate. Because you want to challenge yourself like you never have before.

Speaker 5:

Is it because you want to stay up late working on a project that means the world to you-

Speaker 6:

…and then get up early and seize the day?

Speaker 7:

Because you want to count the stars in the Vermont night sky-

Speaker 8:

And celebrate the first snowfall of the season?

Speaker 9:

Is it because you’re ready to discover what you need to achieve the greatness within you?

Speaker 10:

Why will you come to Middlebury?

Financial Aid and Affordability

We know that paying for college is a source of concern for many students and families. We’re committed to making sure you can afford the full Middlebury educational experience.

Our financial aid program is one of the most generous in the country, meeting 100 percent of your demonstrated financial need. If you applied for financial aid, you’ll find your aid package estimate in your admissions portal.

Questions? Our expert staff in the Student Financial Services Office can help you with details of your aid package, understanding tuition costs, how to pay, and more.

Learn more about paying for college.

Students collaborating in Geography class.

An Exceptional Liberal Arts and Sciences Education

Explore the world, dive deep into discussions, challenge ideas and assumptions, get hands-on experience with field studies and research, and build close connections with your professors, fellow students, and the natural environment.

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93% employed or pursuing postgraduate education
93% cohort acceptance rate into medical school
89% law school admission rate
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During all four seasons, you’ll find plenty to explore on Middlebury’s scenic and safe 350-acre main campus.


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