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Congratulations! You’re one of the new members of our Class of 2028 and 2028.5. Here’s what you need to do to finalize your enrollment and get started at Middlebury. 

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Explore what’s waiting for you here at Middlebury College.

- I knew I belonged at Middlebury College, because there’s no end to the possibilities here. You’ve got endless options for staying fresh, for feeling alive, for getting out of your comfort zone and seeing the world. It’s here in Middlebury that I found the possibilities are literally endless, to shape your own life.

- As cliche as it is, just be you is the way to be successful here on campus, because we all have something unique to bring to the table, and regardless of where you’re coming from, have confidence in this open and welcoming community. It’s a point in your life where you’re growing and changing, and deciding kind of who you want to be and how you want to live. And Middlebury offers so many opportunities to explore various aspects of that.

- Good, perfect.

- You are never gonna feel like you are an outsider, and that was one of my main fears coming to Midd. But during my first semester here, I remember vividly being in one of my classes, and my professor saying, “Congratulations for all of you to making it to this point in your academic careers.” And I think that really highlighted for me that I belonged in this community, I belonged in this classroom, and that was the start of my journey at Midd.

- What community means for me at Middlebury is the openness. Openness for different perspectives, openness for people who come from different backgrounds from you, but then also openness within disagreement, where you feel comfortable countering someone’s point, and not being scared of ridicule, or that you’ll be shamed for having a different opinion.

- If you are the type of person that wants to be in an environment where you have the complete freedom to just be who you are, and see who you could be, Middlebury is that place.

Congratulations and Welcome

Nicole Curvin, dean of admissions, is glad you’re here.

Congratulations! And welcome. 

I’m Nicole Curvin, Middlebury’s vice president of strategic enrollment and dean of admissions.

We are so excited to welcome you to Middlebury College. 

After reading your application, we saw that you’d be a perfect match for our community. Thank you for choosing to apply Early Decision.  

This is the start of an incredible adventure.

Coming to Middlebury means discovery. You’re going to discover new ways of thinking and learning—because that’s what our kind of liberal arts and sciences education is meant to do. 

You’re going to discover new people—Middlebury students come from every state in the United States and more than 60 different countries around the world.  

You’re going to discover new things about yourself—starting with orientation, which you’ll get more details about in the spring, and your first-year seminar. 

You’re going to discover what an open, welcoming, and beautiful place Vermont is, and why it’s such a perfect location for a college experience.

You’re going to discover new ways of looking at the world. 

And you’re going to discover where you belong—because YOU belong at Middlebury. 

We invite you to use this website to finalize your enrollment and familiarize yourself with your new college home. 

It won’t be long until you’re here with us in Vermont. But until then, let us know if you have any questions. 

I hope you have a great end to your senior year. I can’t wait to have you join us.

Congratulations! We’ll see you soon!


What do Middlebury students and faculty have to say? Get a first look at life and learning at Middlebury.

A first-year seminar is a course, every first-year takes it. It’s a course designed to get you involved in the liberal arts education and what the liberal arts actually looks like. A lot of these courses are unique and are something that professors are interested in but don’t often teach. For instance, I teach a course called the Language of Conspiracy Theories, which is a fun course where we study why do conspiracy theories exist, where do they exist in the 21st century, and why do they keep popping up. Those are the types of courses that you’ll be taking with your first-year seminar. They’re a great way for you to engage with peers in your new class. Your first-year seminar professor is also your advisor. So it’s a great way to get you involved with your first-year experience here at Middlebury and to get you set up for the rest of your academic career. Next I wanna talk to just quickly about choosing a major. This is my third year at the College, and I can say that I’ve been surprised how many students show up, they have a major in mind. They know what they want to do in life. And then after a semester, maybe a year, they’ve completely changed their mind. They’ll go from something that, oh, they were all about science, and now they wanna do something a little liberal arts. Or vice versa. So to find a major, we really suggest taking a broad array of classes. Really exploring the possibilities of what interests you. And you’ll be surprised by what you might want to major in. It’s okay if you have a major already in mind when you get here, and maybe that stays your major. Maybe the major changes. Or maybe you don’t have a major in mind, and that’s great as well. The great thing is you’ll focus on taking different sorts of courses and working with your professor to find the best major for you.

As an institution, Middlebury supports inclusivity on campus. For example, first gen, low income first-year students have access to a preorientation program called First@Midd which specifically supports them in their transition into higher education. And beyond that, all year round, students have access to plenty of affinity spaces on campus, such as LASA, the Latin American Student Association, as well as BSU, the Black Student Union, and so many others. And beyond that, Middlebury has a financial commitment to supporting inclusivity. For example, right now, I am currently pursuing an unpaid internship in Costa Rica that I otherwise would not have been able to pursue had it not been for Middlebury’s commitment to inclusivity in so many different ways.

To You. Vermont. The World. Middlebury.

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