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Why Will You Choose Middlebury?

Speaker 1:

Why will you come to Middlebury? Is it because you want to speak your truth?

Speaker 2:

And in every one of your classes you’ll be empowered to do so?

Speaker 3:

Because you want to be seen as who you are and who you aspire to become.

Speaker 4:

Because you wanted to meet with an award-winning scholar who was also your teammate. Because you want to challenge yourself like you never have before.

Speaker 5:

Is it because you want to stay up late working on a project that means the world to you-

Speaker 6:

…and then get up early and seize the day?

Speaker 7:

Because you want to count the stars in the Vermont night sky-

Speaker 8:

And celebrate the first snowfall of the season?

Speaker 9:

Is it because you’re ready to discover what you need to achieve the greatness within you?

Speaker 10:

Why will you come to Middlebury?

Welcome to Middlebury College!

You’ve been accepted to Middlebury, one of the nation’s leading liberal arts institutions. Our 2,500 undergraduate students come from almost all 50 states and 70 countries to explore and engage with the world from our beautiful campus in the heart of a thriving, scenic Vermont town.

A Welcome from President Patton

Hi there, future Middlebury students. I’m Laurie Patton and I’m your President speaking to you via Zoom, the way everyone else is, but even more importantly, I’m a fellow traveler on this wonderful, intellectual adventure that we call Middlebury College. We are so excited about having you come and be with us here. We’re already imagining you here and in this time of COVID-19 when we’re all hunkered down, we’re feeling even more excited than usual because we also miss the students who are already here. Students that would normally be on campus hosting you, greeting you, spending time showing you the Middlebury that we love and all the creative and thoughtful people who live here. But these are not usual times. I’ve been thrilled at the way our community has come together to address this crisis, and you will see yourself, how energizing it is to be part of this community. You have maybe even felt it in your conversations with the people you’ve connected with already, and even though we can’t see you personally right now, rest assure that we are making plans to welcome you with all the care and focus that we usually do, even as we’re dealing with the great many unknowns, our expert teams of faculty, staff and students are working around the clock to make sure your first year is an inspiring one. So you’ve been admitted to one of the top liberal arts and sciences colleges in the country. You’ve also been admitted to what is arguably one of the most globally engaged liberal arts and sciences college in the country with an opportunity to study at 12 language schools, 37 Middlebury schools abroad, and Middlebury School of International Studies at Monterey in California, and a large number of globally focused courses in Vermont and across the United States. You’ve been admitted because you already embody the values that I believe every student, staff and faculty member has at Middlebury, integrity, rigor, connectedness, curiosity, and openness. You’ve shown integrity in the way that you conduct your daily lives, rigor in your studies and extra-curricular work, connectedness to the people around you through your activism or your volunteering or the arts or athletics or travel, you’ve shown curiosity about the world around you by going the extra mile in everything that you do, and you’ve shown openness in the generosity of spirit that we’ve seen in your applications. So I’ll end my greeting with a thought about the photograph behind me. It’s of the green mountains in the fall and you can see a version of this view every day at Middlebury. Sometimes the sun sets in a particular way and lights up not just the mountains, but the valleys between the mountains, and this kind of landscape reminds me every day that at Middlebury, the power of the outdoors, and the inspiration of the natural world around us is everywhere. It’s what energizes our learning every day whether that’s in the sciences or languages or humanities or social sciences or arts, or one of our great strengths, environmental studies. The mountains around you will welcome you and embrace you and challenge you. Poet Heather McHugh tells us that everyone should live by a large mountain range or body of water to inspire and remind us of our place in the world. Middlebury is, perhaps, more than any other college in the country and viewed with a profound sense of place. So come learn with us here, with these people, in this landscape, about your place in the world. We hope to see you very soon.

Congratulations and Welcome

Nicole Curvin, dean of admissions, is glad you’re here.

Hello, I’m Nicole Curvin, Dean of Admissions, Middlebury College. I want to send a hearty congratulations on your recent acceptance to our community. We’re thrilled at the thought of you joining us in the next academic year. I recognize that the evolving pandemic worldwide adds a layer of anxiety to making your college choice, especially for those of you who haven’t made a visit to campus yet. The Middlebury admissions team is thinking of you, and I hope that you know we’re here to help with anything that you need as you decide where to attend. We’re offering daily points of contacts so that you can ask the questions and engage with us as you need to. Please find us on social media and connect with us virtually through videos and webinars. Thank you for your interest in Middlebury and use the link below to let us know more about the things you’re interested in. We’ll use this feedback to connect to you with current students, faculty, alumni and staff. Wishing you and your family all the best from Middlebury College. Hope to see you really, really soon here with us in Vermont.

Take a Moment to Celebrate!

You’re in—congratulations on your admission, and welcome to Middlebury’s Class of 2024 and 2024.5! It’s time to celebrate and get to know more about Middlebury.

Music playing in the background, no spoken words.

A Middlebury student writing on a chalkboard.

Learn at Middlebury

An Exceptional Liberal Arts Education

At Middlebury, you’ll dive deep into discussions, challenge ideas and assumptions, get hands-on experience with field studies and research, and build close connections.

With our liberal arts curriculum, you can study STEM, the humanities, the arts, languages, social sciences, and the environment, taught by notable faculty (never teaching assistants).

You’ll be part of a Vermont campus with opportunities all over the world, from schools abroad to globally focused graduate schools.

Check out these videos to learn more about the Middlebury learning experience.

Learn at Middlebury
Several Middlebury students sit at an outdoor patio table talking and eating a meal.

Live at Middlebury

With all of our students living and learning together we build a powerful community that thrives on diverse backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, ideas, and interests, and that upholds academic integrity and environmental responsibility. See some videos that show how community comes first on our campus.

Live at Middlebury

Love Middlebury

  • Animated quote

    “Middlebury chooses students who have the motivation to be explorers and gives them the resources to take risks, the safety net of the community, and the empowerment to succeed.”

  • Animated quote

    “Three out of my four classes are being taught seated in circles, and I enjoy that way of learning. It’s respectful to each and every person.“

  • Animated quote

    “I’ve learned that Middlebury is about taking risks and being open to doing something new. I normally wouldn’t just go hiking randomly, and now I’ve gone four days in a row! I love how I’ve broadened my experiences here at Middlebury.”

  • Animated quote

    “Class conversations don’t stop when class is over. I’m constantly engaging in all these conversations with my classmates from International Politics when I’m eating lunch.”

Leap Ahead with Middlebury

92% employed or pursuing postgraduate education
93% cohort acceptance rate into medical school
94% law school admission rate

Affording Middlebury

Middlebury meets 100 percent of our accepted applicants’ demonstrated financial need and makes sure there are no financial barriers to the full Middlebury experience, from internships to the arts to recreation and studying abroad. If you have applied for and received financial aid, our Student Financial Services Office can help you understand your aid package.

Learn more about our financial commitment to families.

Four Middlebury students dancing and talking on an outdoor dining patio.

Secure Your Seat in the Class

We’re excited to invite you to be a part of the Class of 2024 at Middlebury! Now it’s up to you. If you’re ready for the Middlebury experience, we are ready for you to join us.

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