Middlebury students welcome new students for February admission.

The students we select each year for February admission are highly motivated and academically passionate. As a Feb, you are in great company.

Febs have one free semester between high school and college in which to pursue their interests. They can do almost anything, from apprenticing with housebuilders to reading all the works of Dickens to traveling across Canada by train to raising vegetables for the local food shelf.

Febs have the benefit of entering the college with a close-knit cohort of 90-100 students at a time when the entire college is excited to welcome them to campus. After completing their four full years, Febs take part in a unique ski-down tradition at the Middlebury Snow Bowl to celebrate their graduation.

Febs proudly wear the .5 at the end of their graduation year and join a long tradition of adventurous students who aren’t afraid to do things a bit differently. We can’t wait to hear what you decide to do with a Febmester!

Learn more about the February Admission Program, including resources to help you plan your gap semester.

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Things Febs have done during their Febmester

Interned at a local newspaper.

Worked at a movie theater and wrote a screenplay.

Stayed at home, did a lot of writing, traveled a bit.

Studied German in Berlin and learned to ride a mountain unicycle.

Volunteered at a kindergarten in Ghana.

Interned with the Children's Defense Fund.

Volunteered in Boston Public Schools.

Lived with a family in Paris as a nanny.

Worked on a fishing boat in Alaska.

Hiked the Long Trail and worked at a ski shop.

Continued to develop and promote a clothing business started during high school.

Attended a National Outdoor Leadership School program in India.


Frequently Asked Questions


Febs don’t need to catch up at all. You arrive right on time—with four full years ahead to complete your requirements and make the most of college.


Degrees are awarded at the official Commencement in May, but Febs completing their work at the end of winter term enjoy a special ceremony in which they “ski down” Middlebury’s Snow Bowl in full cap and gown—on skis, snowboards, snowshoes, or sleds.


Yes! One out of every six students at Middlebury enrolls midyear, and Febs have equally competitive GPAs as students who enroll in September.


Febs arrive on campus for orientation during the weeklong break before spring semester. Opportunities abound to get involved in a variety of clubs and organizations.


Earning college credit shouldn’t be a goal in your semester off, but if you choose to do so, please refer to our “Feb Guide to Transfer Credit and Study Abroad” located at go.middlebury.edu/febmester. For additional questions, contact Kerrin Hoff, associate registrar, at 802-443-5069 or khoff@middlebury.edu.


Before arriving, you will complete an online housing questionnaire about your lifestyle, interests, housing preferences, and needs. First-year Febs are generally housed in doubles with other first-year Febs, in either first-year-only residence halls or residence halls with upper classes as well.