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Apr 04, 20:00:44 icronk -> Middlebury College hello!
Apr 04, 20:00:55 peacanpiefan3394 -> Middlebury College Hey
Apr 04, 20:01:44 Arthur -> Everyone Hi everyone!
Apr 04, 20:02:19 Arthur -> Everyone How are you guys doing tonight?
Apr 04, 20:03:15 Teresa -> Everyone Hello everyone! Welcome to our live chat session. My name is Teresa and I'm a senior International Politics & Economics major. I'm excited to hear some questions from all of you, and hopefully help you get to know more about Middlebury.
Apr 04, 20:03:19 AdmissionNiki -> Middlebury College Congratulations to all of the students on your admission to Middlebury College! Welcome to this evening's chat session.
Apr 04, 20:03:37 icronk -> Middlebury College pretty well, how about you?
Apr 04, 20:04:42 Teresa -> Everyone We're doing great! Arthur and I are enjoying some pizza and waiting for questions from y'all.
Apr 04, 20:05:33 Jay -> Middlebury College hi
Apr 04, 20:06:50 Participant -> Arthur Hi Arthur, I'm also from Seoul. How are you fitting in at Middlebury?
Arthur -> Particpant Hi Elle! How are you doing? It's pretty early there right? haha. I'm fitting in really well. No doubt, the change to a rural environment was quite a transition but Middlebury has definitely grown on me. Of course, there are some things that I had to get used to (in terms of lifestyle changes, etc.) but overall its been a great experience.
Apr 04, 20:08:03 Participant -> Teresa Teresa, I'm interested in IPE. what's your experience with the program been like?
Teresa -> Particpant Hi icronk, the program has been fabulous! I actually was drawn to the major when I was a senior in high school because I loved the fact that it combined political science with economics. The two fields are very interrelated, and IPE not only allows me to see how they interact but also ensures that my major serves me outside of the classroom with real-world applications.
Apr 04, 20:09:41 AdmissionNiki -> Middlebury College Congratulations to all of the students on your admission to Middlebury College! Welcome to this evening's chat session.
Apr 04, 20:12:16 Participant -> Teresa I was just curious about the math and science department in Middlebury ex. class size, relationship with professors, etc.
Teresa -> Particpant Hi peacanpiefan3394 - neither Arthur nor I are math or science majors, but I have a lot of friends in both departments. Relationships with professors are great across the board at Middlebury. The science department in particular allows for a great exchange between professors and students in lectures, labs, and research. Most of the students I know studying science have worked one-on-one with professors in specific areas of interest (my suitemate is a Chemistry major who studies maple sap and rides bikes with her adviser on the weekends).
Apr 04, 20:13:13 Participant -> Arthur Hi! I unfortunately can't attend the Preview Days because of a conflict. I have already toured the campus, so how else can I get a good perspective of life as a Midd kid?
Arthur -> Particpant Hi there! No worries if you aren't able to make it to Preview Days. I totally understand. I wasn't able to make it to Middlebury for Preview Days either. It's great that you've already visited the campus and have gotten a feel for the environment/atmosphere. I would really go through the Middlebury website for specific questions regarding departments, etc. You can also check the Senior Fellows Blog where we periodically post on things about things going on campus, etc. Here is the link:
Apr 04, 20:16:25 Participant -> Arthur Hey... do either of you have any experience with the Feb program? Do they seem to fit in with the campus well?
Arthur -> Particpant Hi ovh. I personally don't have any experience with the Feb program because I came in as a reg in September 2008. However, all of the febs that I've talked to on campus have done some really cool things during their feb-mester. The feb program is also great because there is a separate orientation for incoming feb students before the spring term. Its a tight community and they don't seem to have much trouble fitting in once they are on campus!
Apr 04, 20:16:58 Participant -> Teresa Teresa, I'm also interested in political science and economics. But, American politics rather than international politics. How does the international politics curriculum work? Is it a comparison between America and other countries or is it more like a focus on the politics of other countries?
Teresa -> Particpant Hi Jay, no problem! The IPE curriculum focuses more on politics within other countries, but also has comparative courses. IPE requires you to choose a region of focus as well as a foreign language as part of your major, so if you're interested in American politics, it might not be right for you. There is not a major that specifically combines U.S. politics and economics, but you should definitely look into doing a joint or double major!
Apr 04, 20:17:16 Participant -> Teresa Have either of you studied a language at Middlebury?
Teresa -> Particpant Hi Sydney. Yes, I've studied French, Chinese, and Arabic a Middlebury. I've had great experiences with each, but they are all a bit different. What in particular are you interested in hearing more about?
Apr 04, 20:19:29 Participant -> Arthur Hey Arthur, it's definitely not time for pizza, that's for certain! ;-) But thank you and Teresa for being here to answer questions! Are the Vermont winters as snowy as I hear they are in Middlebury?
Arthur -> Particpant The pizza here is so good! For everyone out there, if you ever visit Middlebury be sure to get a slice at Ramuntos! To answer your question, the winters are definitely long. If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding there are definitely a lot of opportunities to do that especially during our one month J-term during January. This year we didn't have too much snow but usually it does snow a lot. I will say that it can affect your psyche -- not so much the cold or the snow but definitely the fact that it gets dark quite early.
Apr 04, 20:20:19 Participant -> AdmissionsNiki Neither online nor in the admissions packet have I been able to find the link through which one can rescind one's application. Would either of you know where that link might be available?
AdmissionsNiki -> Particpant Hello Bee. If you wish to withdraw your application, please send an e-mail to We would also be interested in knowing where you have chosen to enroll instead. Thank you.
Apr 04, 20:23:11 Participant -> Arthur Are there professors like this on campus?
Arthur -> Particpant Haha. Good one John. Yes. There are definitely professors like that on campus! The faculty at Middlebury on not only extremely knowledgeable in their fields but are also really approachable. The great thing is that they have tons of 'war stories' to share about their own research experience or fieldwork. My current thesis advisor actually was involved in a lot of labor union organizing so the stories about international protests, etc. are definitely fun to listen to during office hours. All professors have their perks!
Apr 04, 20:23:47 John -> Middlebury College That's pretty amazing!
Apr 04, 20:24:35 Participant -> Teresa Can you tell me about the language school?
Teresa -> Particpant Sure, Scott. I attended language school the summer after my Freshman year for Arabic. It was an incredible experience! The first day, you sign a pledge promising to speak only the target language. This turned out to be quite challenging for me, since I had never studied any Arabic before! I went from not being able to say "hello" the first day to eating and carrying conversations with graduate students and professors from all over the world by the end of the summer. The summer was very intense, but I learned a lot. It was also great to interact with people other than college students. Seeing mid-career people take time off from their jobs to come learn a language at Middlebury Language Schools was very humbling and made me appreciate the experience that much more. It was also a good opportunity to network and meet some very interesting people I might not have normally encountered at Midd! My favorite parts of the summer were Friday night parties with all Arabic dance music and feasts with Middle Eastern foods on weekends.
Apr 04, 20:24:36 Participant -> AdmissionsNiki Hi, I was wondering how many courses students at Middlebury take per semester? I have heard college classes require much more work, and one can always do more to study and prepare. That being said, do you feel like you are still able to relish in your classes for the sake of learning and are able delve into each class equally?
AdmissionsNiki -> Particpant Hello brubeck. Our academic calendar is 4-1-4 which means that students take four classes in the fall semester, one class during January term, and four classes in the spring semester. Students certainly work hard here, and they balance their academic work with student life on campus very well. Students are active in student clubs, the arts, athletics, research, and other events on campus.
Apr 04, 20:26:37 Participant -> Teresa What are some specific examples of real-world applications that you've been able to experience at Middlebury? Internships, case studies, projects, etc.
Teresa -> Particpant I've spent the past two summers interning with the Department of State. This summer I was in Bucharest, Romania working in the Political Section where I got to write cables on a number of issues, present demarches at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, run conferences etc. Seeing the linkages between economics and politics in that context made me even more appreciative of my experiences as an IPE major.
Apr 04, 20:27:16 Participant -> Arthur Hi Teresa and Arthur! What do you know about the Russian/German departments? Thanks
Arthur -> Particpant DylanG. I don't know too much about German but the Russian department here is AMAZING! I started taking Russian this year and my only regret is that I didn't start studying it earlier. The department is small and so there is a lot of faculty/student interaction. The professors are all super nice and you'll definitely learn a lot. I definitely recommend taking Russian while you're here. That being said, all languages at Middlebury are world class. To give you an example, my Chinese language instructor at my high school in South Korea was actually a graduate of the Middlebury Summer Language Program. Definitely think about taking advantage of study abroad opportunities as well.
Apr 04, 20:27:32 Participant -> Teresa Regarding sports, I am planning on swimming during the winter season. Do either of you know whether varsity athletes are allowed to ski/snowboard during their season?
Teresa -> Particpant Hi Jay. I'm pretty sure that depends on the coach. Each team has different rules for athletes. If you're interested in playing a varsity sport you should contact him or her directly to find out!
Apr 04, 20:28:08 DylanG -> Middlebury College thanks Arthur
Apr 04, 20:29:58 Participant -> Teresa Hi, could you share something about your experiences with studying abroad?
Teresa -> Particpant Hi, John. I studied abroad at Sciences Po in Paris, France last fall. While I was there I took 5 courses (direct enrolled) and was often the only non-French person in my courses. I lived in a homestay there and also worked as a nanny for a fabulous French-Dutch family. The semester did wonders for my French and was tons of fun! In the Spring, I went to Beijing, China, where I lived with a Chinese roommate, took four courses with Chinese professors in a small group setting and got to explore the country with some of my best friends. The experiences were very different, but bother were incredibly rewarding and improved my language skills exponentially!
Apr 04, 20:30:55 Scott -> Middlebury College Thanks, Teresa! Really informative answer.
Apr 04, 20:31:28 Participant -> Arthur What are some specific examples of real-world applications that you've been able to experience at Middlebury? Internships, case studies, projects, etc.
Arthur -> Particpant icronk. Students do a ton of things. Just to speak from my own experience, I completed an internship with Chief Judge Wolf of the MA district court my sophomore J-term. I also received funding from Middlebury to conduct my senior thesis research on North Korean Refugee Resettlement in South Korea. Additionally, those research experiences have led to presenting at academic conferences both in the United States and abroad. It's really up to the student and their own interests. But definitely there are a lot of opportunities if you start looking. Everything I've done so far has been very valuable to my education and preparing for life after Middlebury.
Apr 04, 20:32:17 Participant -> Teresa That's awesome Teresa! I'm planning on continuing studying Spanish (I'm in an AP course at my school right now) and I was wondering how intensive the continuing classes are, and your experience studying abroad (if you have).
Teresa -> Particpant Hi Sydney, I just answered a question about study abroad so hopefully that provides some insight. As far as language courses go, I also came to Middlebury with AP French. The first thing you'll want to do is take a placement exam, and chances are you'll end up in a literature course. There is a lot of selection (especially in Spanish) for classes in foreign languages, so I would encourage you to check out the course catalog online and get a feel for classes you might be interested in.
Apr 04, 20:36:09 Participant -> Teresa Hi, I was wondering how many courses students at Middlebury take per semester? I have heard college classes require much more work, and one can always do more to study and prepare. That being said, do you feel like you are still able to relish in your classes for the sake of learning and are able delve into each class equally?
Teresa -> Particpant Hi, brubeck. Students usually take 4 classes per semester, although occasionally people will take 3 or 5. It is true that some courses require more time or work than others. Language classes often meet 6 or 7 times a week and labs in science classes definitely take a lot of time. Professors are very understanding about the workload, though. Often students and professors will open a dialogue about half way through the semester to discuss how the workload has been and will then adjust homework accordingly. Professors are definitely not out to work you to death, though, and do everything they can to make learning fun (i.e. Kanye West photos and raps in their powerpoint slides).
Apr 04, 20:36:45 Participant -> Arthur Hi.I wanna know more about the dorm here. I know that different commons has its own culture!
Arthur -> Particpant Hi cathyli. From what I've seen, the housing at Middlebury is really nice. Middlebury is on a 'five commons' residential system. The easiest way to think of it is to think of it as the houses in harry potter -- smaller residential communities within the larger student body. Each commons is different and you'll live in your respective commons housing arrangement for the first two years. After that, its a general lottery that decides housing for upper level students. You should know that there are also other residential options like languages houses or interest houses for students who may be interested in living with students with similar interests, etc.
Apr 04, 20:38:13 cathyli -> Middlebury College Thanks Arthur!
Apr 04, 20:38:21 Participant -> Teresa I personally would like to learn about the Arabic program!
Teresa -> Particpant Hey, John. I'm an Arabic minor and love the department here. Professors are from all over the Middle East and North Africa and each bring a unique perspective to Arabic at Middlebury. We also have an Egyptian TA who is 22 and lives on campus with us. She hosts a lot of movie nights, discussion hours, and meals for us, which are lots of fun!
Apr 04, 20:38:38 AdmissionsNiki -> Everyone We hope you will all come visit campus during our Preview Days program, April 18-20. More information can be found here:
Apr 04, 20:40:12 Participant -> AdmissionsNiki Teresa and Arthur,I loved campus when I visited this past summer, especially the mountains since we do not have that here in Missouri. I was wondering what your favorite spot on campus is?
AdmissionsNiki -> Particpant Hello Dylan. Congratulations on your admission to Middlebury! I'm the admission counselor who covers Missouri, and I really enjoyed reading your application. I remember learning that you wore a Middlebury shirt to your interview.
Apr 04, 20:40:13 Participant -> Teresa I would be interested playing Cello in the Orchestra; can any student audition for it?
Teresa -> Particpant Yep, John. I played cello in high school, too! Anyone can audition for orchestra. They're a really fun group of people and I've loved going to their concerts. There are also lots of opportunities to play in small ensembles (whether or not you're a music major or minor) that you should look into once you arrive on campus.
Apr 04, 20:40:29 Participant -> Arthur What does a typical weekend look like at Middlebury? Is there much to do in the evenings?
Arthur -> Particpant Kuchar, good question! That was definitely a question I had before coming here. That being said, I can't really say what a 'typical weekend' looks like. In my first year, a lot of the students I lived with went out together to attend social events sponsored by the school or just 'dorm parties'. Over the years though, I think students just do things that they're interested in. I live in a suite with my friends so on the weekends we generally cook food and then watch basketball on TV. There may not be a lot of things to do compared to big cities like NYC, but the school does a good job of brining stuff to campus.
Apr 04, 20:40:57 John -> Middlebury College Thanks Teresa! It really sounds like you can branch off into completely new languages, no sweat.
Apr 04, 20:42:49 DylanG -> Middlebury College Oh thanks AdmissionsNiki! Yeah, I really wanted to let my interviewer know that Middlebury was at the top of my list, and you don't know how happy I was when I received my acceptance letter. Thank you!
Apr 04, 20:43:08 AdmissionsNiki -> Everyone Congratulations to Dylan, and to all of your future classmates here at Middlebury!
Apr 04, 20:43:15 Participant -> Teresa Teresa and Arthur,I loved campus when I visited this past summer, especially the mountains since we do not have that here in Missouri. I was wondering what your favorite spot on campus is?
Teresa -> Particpant Hi Dylan! As a member of the crew team here, my favorite spot is actually off campus - Lake Dunmore. There's a nice beach there and recreational sailing on Friday afternoons. My favorite on-campus spot is The Grille, a restaurant in McCullough Student Center. They have pool tables, great (very unhealthy) food, big screen televisions with football always on, and lots of events like live music and trivia nights.
Apr 04, 20:45:56 Participant -> Arthur I'd like to hear from both Teresa and Arthur in what process or how they decided on Middlebury. I've got acceptance letters from a few schools, and I'm torn about them all! Did you guys do a pros and cons list, or...?
Arthur -> Particpant Hi Megan. Congratulations on all your acceptances! I know, deciding on a school can be even more difficult than applying. After I got my offers, I began looking at general factors that I thought would define my undergraduate experience. Things like school size, geographic location, etc. I started eliminating schools based on those factors -- I wanted a small, liberal arts experience. Once I had just a handful of schools, I visited to see which one I liked best. If you can, visiting schools is probably the most helpful.
Apr 04, 20:46:08 Participant -> Teresa I'd like to hear from both Teresa and Arthur in what process or how they decided on Middlebury. I've got acceptance letters from a few schools, and I'm torn about them all! Did you guys do a pros and cons list, or...?
Teresa -> Particpant Hey, Megan. I have to be honest and say that there wasn't much of a process for me. Middlebury of course had an excellent reputation academically, a gorgeous campus, friendly professors etc. I was personally drawn, though, by the strong language programs as well as IPE. Once I got to campus, though, I realized that it's really my fellow classmates that make Middlebury so exceptional. My classmates continue to impress and surprise me everyday. As a Senior, I can't wait to see what my Midd friends get up to after graduation!
Apr 04, 20:47:54 Participant -> Arthur Teresa and Arthur,I loved campus when I visited this past summer, especially the mountains since we do not have that here in Missouri. I was wondering what your favorite spot on campus is?
Arthur -> Particpant DylanG. My favorite place on campus is either... the library (yes. nerdy. I know.) -- I have my own thesis carrel there on the upper level. Or... The Hillcrest environmental center is also a great place to do some work or just hang out with friends!
Apr 04, 20:48:52 Participant -> Teresa When you were looking at IPE, did you consider similar programs at other schools? What made you choose Middlebury over them?
Teresa -> Particpant I have to be honest and say that I didn't do much comparison between schools. I always knew Middlebury was the place for me and the IPE program looked great (and is!). I would encourage you to reflect on what draws you to each program and to each school and make sure that you find the right fit not only in your major, but also at the school in general.
Apr 04, 20:49:41 Participant -> AdmissionsNiki Hi! I am trying to figure out transportation to Middlebury during preview days. If I were to stay through Saturday, would there still be a shuttle available on Saturday that I could take from middlebury to the airport?
AdmissionsNiki -> Particpant brubeck -- Unfortunately, shuttles are only available on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during Preview Days. We regret that we won't be able to offer shuttle transportation on Saturday after the program. However, if you decide to stay until Saturday, you may arrange for Middlebury Transit (a local taxi) to take you to the airport.
Apr 04, 20:50:13 Participant -> Arthur My son just many Korean students In there?
Arthur -> Particpant Hello! The number of Korean students at Middlebury has increased significantly since I was accepted in 2008. There are about 5-7 international students who come FROM South Korea each year. But there are also a lot of Korean-American students. I would say that there are about 30-40 ethnically Korean students on campus at Middlebury right now. If you have further questions, please feel free to e-mail me at '' !
Apr 04, 20:50:36 Megan -> Middlebury College Thanks, Arthur and Teresa. I love Middlebury, and Saratoga Springs is so beautiful, but definitely, people are the most important. Thanks again!
Apr 04, 20:52:05 Participant -> Teresa Did both of you know what you wanted to study when you came to Middlebury? If not, how was the process of figuring that out?
Teresa -> Particpant Sorry, John, I won't be much help with your question. I knew all along (since Senior year in high school) that I wanted to major in IPE and didn't do much looking around once I got to Middlebury. I can say, though, that advisers go above and beyond to make sure you're exploring all of your options and end up in the right program for you! Talking to professors and students in all the departments can be very useful.
Apr 04, 20:52:58 AdmissionsNiki -> Everyone There is a camel at a farm in Ferrisburgh, VT which is between Middlebury and Burlington. Keep your eyes out for it as you are driving along Rt. 7 when you come to visit Middlebury this month.
Apr 04, 20:53:01 Participant -> Arthur Did both of you know what you wanted to study when you came to Middlebury? If not, how was the process of figuring that out?
Arthur -> Particpant Hi John. When I applied, I applied as a prospective philosophy major. That's what I THOUGHT I wanted to major in but once I got here my interests changed completely. I'm now a Sociology and Political Science Double Major. It's totally fine if you don't know what you want to study. Just take a variety of classes that sound interesting to you once you get here and you'll find something you enjoy. Probably more than one thing... haha.
Apr 04, 20:54:19 John -> Middlebury College Thanks!
Apr 04, 20:55:17 Participant -> Teresa Arthur and Teresa, what is your typical weekday from start to finish like?
Teresa -> Particpant Jay my typical weekday looks like this: wake up and grab breakfast around 7, 8-11 class, lunch around 12, more class, grab a snack and leave for crew practice at 4:30, return to campus and grab dinner around 8, hit the books until I fall asleep! There are usually a few meetings along the way and a little time to catch up with friends if I'm lucky. MiddKids do tend to stay very busy, though!
Apr 04, 20:56:30 Participant -> Teresa Is it hard to be a double major? Is it possibly to be a major and two minors or double major and one minor?
Teresa -> Particpant To be a double major, you definitely need to be responsible and prudent in planning our your courses, but it is certainly do-able! You can be a major with two minors (unless the major is interdisciplinary), but you cannot be a double major with a minor.
Apr 04, 20:56:33 Participant -> Arthur I am wondering about how the academic schedule works. For most of the classes I see online, the class is on MWF or Tu/Th. Is is suggested that you to 2 classes for each pattern of days, or is 3 on one and 1 on another, or even 4 on MWF frowned upon?
Arthur -> Particpant Hi Jay. You are correct. Most classes meet MWF or T/R. Everyone has an opinion on how you should structure your class schedule but it really comes down to what works best for you. I like to have Friday off so I'll try to avoid M/W/F if I can but that doesn't always work out. Just see what works best for you and your study habits. :)
Apr 04, 21:01:05 Participant -> Teresa I'm interested in studying abroad. How is this usually funded? Through normal tuition and room & board?
Teresa -> Particpant One of the greatest features of Middlebury study abroad is that financial aid carries over directly with you! Tuition for schools abroad depends on the specific site at which you're studying and tends to be a little lower than Middlebury's normal tuition. Feel free to explore the study abroad section of our website to look at estimated expenses at each location!
Apr 04, 21:04:08 Participant -> Teresa What is the study abroad link with the estimated expenses?
Teresa -> Particpant this is an example (for France), but each country has different links!
Apr 04, 21:04:56 Participant -> AdmissionsNiki I am flying by myself, so if I were to stay through Saturday and take a taxi to the airport, would I be able to stay with a student on Friday night or would I have to stay in a hotel?
AdmissionsNiki -> Particpant brubeck -- Unfortunately, we would not be able to arrange overnight accommodations for you on Friday night. However, if you have a friend or an acquaintance who is a current student here, you may make those overnight arrangements on campus on your own.
Apr 04, 21:05:27 Arthur -> Everyone Hi everyone! Just a quick note: if you ever have other questions about Middlebury, feel free to e-mail one of us (senior fellows). We'll do our best to answer your questions or refer you to a someone who can. Our contact information and profiles can be found at :
Apr 04, 21:05:51 AdmissionsNiki -> Everyone Thank you to everyone for joining us this evening. We'll be hosting another chat session on the 25th. Congratulations to all admitted students, and we hope to see you on campus this month during Preview Days.
Apr 04, 21:07:47 Participant -> Teresa Teresa and Arthur, what have been some of your J-Term classes?
Teresa -> Particpant My freshman year I took Chinese (many first year languages require you to take that language during your first JTerm). After that I took Lego Robotics, a computer science course. Junior year I was abroad for JTerm, and this year I took Vermont Government and Politics with former Governor Jim Douglas.
Apr 04, 21:09:08 Dylan -> Middlebury College That's pretty neat, thanks
Apr 04, 21:10:43 Participant -> Arthur Teresa and Arthur, what have been some of your J-Term classes?
Arthur -> Particpant Hi Dylan. During my four years at Middlebury I took 1 J-term class, did 1 J-term internship, and took J-term off for a longer break twice (win!) haha. The J-term class I took was 'visual sociology'. It met twice a week for 2 hours so I had a lot of time to just chill with friends. The internship I did was in Boston at the Federal District Court of MA. But the best J-terms were when I decided I was just going to take an extended vacation.
Apr 04, 21:13:10 Dylan -> Middlebury College Sounds like with your schedules an extra break is necessary. Thanks
Apr 04, 21:14:50 Teresa -> Everyone Thanks for joining us! There's a follow up chat on April 25. Hope to see all of you at Preview Days in a couple weeks!!!
Apr 04, 21:16:44 AdmissionsNiki -> Everyone Congratulations again, and we look forward to answering more of your questions throughout the month of April. Please feel free to email us at, call us at 802-443-3000, and join us for the next evening chat session on the 25th.

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