Thinking About a Gap Year?

Our February admissions program allows students to have one semester to pursue other interests before enrolling in college. When they arrive on campus in February, they generally bring more to their college experience and derive more from it.

September-admitted students can take a similar break, for one year. During that year, you might travel, work, intern, serve your community, or engage in activities that lead to personal growth.

We have found that students who take time between high school and college

  • Hold a disproportionately high number of leadership positions on campus.
  • Perform better academically, on average.

If you decide to defer your matriculation at Middlebury, all you need to do is

  • Send in your deposit.
  • Request the deferral by June 1 with information about what your plans are for the year.
  • Verify in writing that you will not apply to other colleges during your time off. (This is a binding agreement, which, if broken, will result in forfeiting your admission to Middlebury.)
  • We ask that you not enroll in a degree-granting program at another institution during your gap year.
  • Next year, resubmit the financial aid forms (if applicable). If your circumstances have not changed, the aid package will be similar to the one currently offered.

Whether you come next fall or the following year, we are delighted at the prospect of having you join us on campus, and we look forward to welcoming you to Middlebury.

More information at go.middlebury.edu/gapyearinfo.