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Middlebury is extremely proud of its February program. For more than 30 years, we have been welcoming approximately 100 new students to campus every February. Originally, February admission was initiated to fill spaces created by the large number of students who chose to study abroad during our spring semester. Now, February admission is a regular institution at Middlebury. Students accepted in February, also known as Febs, have proven themselves very successful here. They are often leaders of clubs and organizations, captains of sports teams, and representatives within the student government.

There is no expectation that Febs will accelerate their normal four‑year program and graduate in three and a half years. Simply stated, February is merely another entrance point for students beginning their college years. Students who choose to graduate in three and a half years may take extra courses at Middlebury, or may attend their state university or a local college during the fall semester of 2014. We ask that any student planning to take courses in the fall prior to matriculation at Middlebury NOT take the place of a degree‑seeking student at another residential college or university WITHOUT SPECIAL PERMISSION of the Director of Admissions at that institution.

Many students will wish to pursue interests other than formal studies during their free semester.

In previous years, students have worked or been interns in a variety of career areas, others have attended various outdoor education programs, some have traveled in the U.S. or abroad, and a few have enrolled in half‑year, credit‑granting programs abroad. Indeed, the variety of options students have elected seems almost infinite. For more information about ways to plan a "Feb-mester," visit our Feb-mester Resources Page.

What Did You Do On Your ‘Febmester’?
What will you do during your Febmester? Work, travel, learn (all of the above)? We asked a few incoming 2013 Febs what they did. Here's what they had to say:

The Scared is scared

Feb graduate Bianca Giaever ’12.5 produced this video as her senior project. In about a month, it's received nearly a million views on Vimeo. Enjoy!

What's So Special About Being a Feb?

We polled several Febs on their way up the ski slope for graduation last year. Not surprisingly, they had very strong opinions!

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