Meet Jimin Kang ’13

Congratulations and welcome! The long wait is finally over. No more fighting with the Common App or spending your weekends taking practice exams. No more passive-aggressively bickering with your parents over the radio station during your long drives between college tours. No more hiding college sweatshirts in your bottom drawers, just in case wearing them before decisions come out brings bad luck. No more fear of the unknown. At least for the next four years.

You may think you know what to expect when you get to Middlebury. Rightfully so! After all, you chose Middlebury, because there was something about the school that you loved, whether it was the extensive list of fascinating course titles or the picturesque location of Vermont. What you can’t possibly know from our website is how much the people around you will change you and how much you will change the community. The Class of 2017 will be unlike any class that has passed through Middlebury or is yet to arrive. The canvas is blank, and it is all yours to fill.

Some of your best memories will be made here, both inside and outside of the classroom. Struggling through an entire semester reading the works of James Joyce and learning that it is possible to despise and furiously love someone at the same time. Hiking the Adirondacks on a beautiful Sunday morning. Having a quarter-life crisis while munching through two pounds of chocolate with your friend. You will soon notice that everyone at Middlebury has an interesting story to tell. You too! So listen. Don’t be afraid to tell your own stories as well. Best of luck with everything!

All the best and so much more,

Jimin Kang ’13
Senior Admissions Fellow

P.S. Please join us for Preview Days, April 17–19, when you’ll have the opportunity to really experience Middlebury.

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