Meet Dan Egol ’13

As the first order of business, I want to congratulate you on this exciting moment in your educational career and invite you now to take a big sigh of relief. You’ve made it.

From the first moment I stepped onto Middlebury’s campus as a prospective student, Middlebury became the standard against which I evaluated all other colleges. Vermont’s natural beauty and Middlebury’s promise of personal growth mesmerized me. Four years later, I have come to see the privilege of attending such an engaging and dynamic institution as a humbling reward. I sincerely hope that you will appreciate what will surely be an enriching and challenging four years ahead.

Part of what makes the college experience so exciting is its uncertainty. The path you will take over the next four years will be uniquely yours, something that you will grapple with and mold. A guiding ethos of the Admissions Office is to make the so-called “typical Middlebury student” or “Midd Kid” as difficult to define as possible. A rich community of academics, athletes, artists, musicians, volunteers, student-workers, organizational leaders and participants, friends, and partners come together to facilitate a space that honors hard work and strives for excellence.

In this community, I have been afforded numerous opportunities that impacted my time here, including: conducting a series of life stories oral-history interviews under the auspices of the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity, participating in a TEDx student speakers competition, interning one summer at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., playing soccer for my host university while studying abroad in Havana, Cuba learning to box and ski, and being spoiled by the true beauty of a Vermont sunset.

The community you are about to enter will invite you to see other perspectives and experiences and incorporate them into your life, while contributing to that same community with your own stories, skills, and passions. Even though our time at Middlebury will not overlap, I can whole-heartedly say that we are excited to welcome you to the ranks of the “Midd Kid” and hope that you will take advantage of, but never take for granted, all the amazing opportunities that lie ahead.

Best of luck and congratulations again,

Dan Egol
Senior Admissions Fellow

Middlebury Admissions
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