Meet Emma Ashby ’13

Congratulations! Four years ago, I was in your shoes—as I hunched over my keyboard and eagerly scanned my acceptance letter from Middlebury. I am happy to say that I am now a Middlebury senior with so many great academic and social experiences to look back and reflect on.

Every admitted Middlebury student has been chosen because he or she is outstanding in a different way and can add something to the vibrant community. Whether you will go on to become a French horn player with the orchestra, spend your Sundays on Battell Beach running after snitches on the Quidditch team, decide to join in the environmentalism of the Sunday Night Group, or make many other choices among the countless ones offered here, every little activity adds to the whole of this animated, enriching campus.

The path that you choose in your academic trajectory is entirely your own, and it may be very unexpected. You may find that you fall in love with African studies and join our African drum circle, or decide that you are passionate about environmental studies with a focus in creative writing and write your senior thesis on Robert Frost’s poetry (and take a trip to his cabin, just 30 minutes away!). You might decide that Buenos Aires, Argentina, captures your love during a semester abroad, that nuclear proliferation is an area that you’d like to do more work in, or that you want to go on into elected office after taking Professor Murray Dry’s course American Political Regime.

Whatever it is that you decide you want to pursue, Middlebury will support you through a great selection of courses, faculty with open doors and who provide opportunities to coauthor works, grants to fund your specific projects, extracurricular activities that nurture the body as well as the mind, and a community of peers who are as passionate about their disparate activities as you are.

So once again, congratulations. Now is the time to both applaud yourself for the hard work that got you here and to begin planning the shape of your Middlebury experience. Welcome to Middlebury!


Emma Ashby ‘13
Senior Admissions Fellow

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