PAG Members

Pieter Broucke, PAG Chair

Dir, Arts; Prof, History of Art/Arch; Assoc Curator, Ancient Art

Email: broucke@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5227

Lisa Ayers

Director, Planning Event Mgmt

Email: layers@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.2885

Mark Christensen

Concert Hall Technical Director

Email: mchriste@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.3174

Charlie Conway

Media Services Specialist II

Email: cconway@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.2230

Mark Evancho

Professor of Theatre

Email: evancho@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.3129

David Kloepfer

Student Act. Prog & Events Mgr

Email: dkloepfe@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.3107

Jennifer Ponder

Light Designer/Tech Dir Dance

Email: ponder@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5822

Allison Rimmer

Technical Director

Email: rimmer@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5038

Allison Coyne Carroll

Director for the Performing Arts Series

Email: coyne@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5697