Student Technicians

Our pool of trained student technicians is the key to PAG's ability to successfully support a variety of performance events on campus. After submitting your event to the Event Management Office, a PAG member will contact you about your tech needs and schedule a student technician for your event. Our student technicians are confident in their ability to support your event, as each student has received over 20 hours of training in working the campus' designated performance venues, associated specialized lighting and sound equipment, safety protocols and regulations, plus crowd management.

Our Student Technicians:
  • Earl Atta-Fynn
  • Sebastian Armstrong
  • Natalie Guo
  • John Filoon
  • Dane Verret
  • Kenny Williams
  • Dennis Wynn
  • Eyal Levy
  • Chris Northrop
  • Christian Woolson
  • Dylan Redford
  • Aubrey Dube
  • Max Eingorn


Email PAG@middlebury.edu with any questions.


Interested in becoming a Student Technician?

Email Jennifer Ponder at ponder@middlebury.edu.