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Euripides' Hecuba: A Symposium

March 21, 2011

Hecuba Symposium 3

This Fall marks another step in the cooperation between the Department of Classics and the Theatre Program, as they collaborate on a symposium that centers on Euripides’ Hecuba.First produced in the 420s BCE, when Athens was at war, this tragedy is set in the harsh aftermath of the fall of Troy in the mythical past.Showing the plight of the captured women and their courage in the face of the worst suffering, Euripides weaves a gripping tale of greed, murder, political manipulation, and revenge.



The Department of Theatre and Dance presents a production of this timely and timeless play, directed by Cláudio Medeiros, on November 18–21.



Hecuba Symposium 4
In anticipation of the show, the Classics Department hosts a symposium on October 29–30 in Twilight Auditorium.

Symposium events include:



Friday, October 29

Keynote Lecture: Characterization and Revenge in Euripides’ Hecuba

Justina Gregory, Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures, Smith College
4:30 P.M., Twilight Auditorium. Free


Saturday, October 30

Panel Discussion:

Pavlos Sfyroeras, Marc Witkin, and Randall Ganiban, Classics Department
Cláudio Medeiros, Theatre Department
Timothy Billings, English & American Literatures Department
1:30 P.M., Twilight Auditorium. Free


A panel of colleagues from the Middlebury Departments of Classics, Theatre, and English offer different perspectives on Euripides’ Hecuba and its reception.Marc Witkin (Classics)  discusses the difference of life and death in Hecuba; Pavlos Sfyroeras (Classics) explores some of the historical circumstances that shaped Euripides’ play; Randy Ganiban (Classics) focuses on Hecuba in Rome; Timothy Billings (English) traces Hecuba in the Renaissance; and Cláudio Medeiros (Theatre) talks about the challenges of staging Hecuba today.


Sponsored by the Department of Classics, the Department of Theatre and Dance, and Ross Commons.


Curricular Connections:
  • CLAS 0131 Archaic and Classical Greece (J. Chaplin)
  • CLAS 0150 Greek and Roman Epic Poetry (R. Ganiban)
  • CLAS/LITP 0230 Myth & Contemporary Experience (M. Hatjigeorgiou)
  • CLAS 0450/0701 History of Classical Literature (P. Sfyroeras)
  • THEA 0208 Theatre History (C. Medeiros)
  • THEA 0210B-F10 Fall Production Studio: Acting (C. Medeiros)

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