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Middlebury Dance Program Presents Fall Dance Concert "Press/Release"

November 8, 2013

New Works by College Students and Faculty Take the Stage on November 22 & 23


Middlebury, VT—The Middlebury College Department of Theatre and Dance will present a Fall Dance Concert,an evening of new works by Middlebury dance students and faculty entitled "Press/Release," November 22 and 23 at the Mahaney Center for the Arts. Eight individual dances will add up to an evening of work that celebrates the full circle of inspiration, manifestation, and sharing that encompasses the creative process. The performance will be coordinated by Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Catherine Cabeen.

The eight experimental dance works will use embodied research to connect sensation and memory, cultural and individual identity, and love and loss. Individual works will  also ask questions about objectification and power, personal Hells, and the relationships that might develop between the random odds and ends in a lost and found. The choreographers all draw from their embodied experience of being human in a complex world. By recognizing the body as our field of experience and using it as a medium for expression, Middlebury dancers and choreographers create thought-provoking work within a vast circumference.

Six student choreographers and two faculty members will contribute work to the performance. First, students in the course “Dance & Embodied Knowledge in the Indian Context” taught by Harshita Mruthinti will perform the piece Narayaniyam in the south Indian classical dance style of Kuchipudi. This dance uses a combination of intricate hand gestures, footwork, and facial expressions to describe the Hindu deity Krishna.


The Japanese art form of Butoh—and its centering of body and mind—inspired Cameron McKinney ’14 to choreograph Nights Devoted to Roaming in Darkness. This solo combines Butoh with hip-hop and examines the process of emptying oneself in order to better understand oneself.



Meredith White ’15 choreographed her work The Lost & Found as a means of understanding how two unlike things can converge to become one corporeal experience.



Visiting Lecturer Catherine Cabeen choreographed the Newcomers Piece this year. This annual work features dancers who are new to movement, and to the Middlebury College Dance Program, offering audiences the chance to see the new faces on the future dance scene. Titled B 4 U go…, this year’s dance is about the process of saying goodbye to friends and loved ones over and over again.



Jill Moshman ’14 is a dance and psychology double major who has drawn on both her academic specialties to create her contribution. Her duet Residue explores the impact of sensory memory on physical movement.



Hai Do ’14 has choreographed a group work entitled Âm. The piece is his visual interpretation of hell, drawing inspiration from Buddhism, Chinese mythologies, and Vietnamese folk religion.



Rachel Nuñez ’14 will explore the objectification inherent to dance’s nature as a visual and spectated art form in her trio titled Objects in Mirror.



Isabella Tudisco-Sadacca ’13.5 has choreographed her solo This Body I Carry as part of her international and global studies thesis. She will explore dance and the body’s relationship to a changing society in Senegal.


The Fall Dance Concert "Press/Release" will take place on Friday and Saturday, November 22 and 23, 2013, at 8:00 P.M. each evening in the Dance Theatre of the Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts. The Mahaney Center for the Arts is located at 72 Porter Field Road in Middlebury, just off Route 30 south. Free parking is available. Tickets are $12 for the general public; $10 for Middlebury College faculty, staff, alumni, emeriti, and other ID card holders; and $6 for Middlebury College students. For tickets or information, call (802) 443-MIDD (6433) or go to


All photos by Alan Kimara Dixon

Top right: Cameron McKinney '14

Top: Jill Moshman '14

Small insets: Cameron McKinney '14, Meredith White '15, faculty member Catherine Cabeen, Jill Moshman '14, Hai Do '14, Rachel Nuñez '14

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