To Move the World

Flags from just some of the countries represented by Davis UWC Scholars over the past 10 years fly proudly on the College's library. The program has helped to create an international community at Middlebury that enriches the experience of all students.

The Davis United World College Scholars Program is changing lives--and the world.

Shelby M.C. Davis and Philip O. Geier started with a simple idea: providing scholarships to talented international students at American colleges and universities. This could transform not only those students' lives but also American higher education. In doing so, the program could create connections among future leaders that would foster international understanding.

The program enrolled its first class in 2000. Today it is the largest undergraduate international scholarship program in the world. It currently supports 2,007 scholars from 140 nations at 92 American colleges and universities, including 113 students from 51 countries at Middlebury. The College is proud to host the program's headquarters.

During a 10th anniversary celebration at Middlebury on April 29, Davis and Geier, cofounders of the Davis United World College Scholars Program, talked with three alumni, Helene Songe '04, Yohanne "Kido" Kidolezi '05, and Livia Vastag '07, about how the program has changed their lives and could change the world.

Hear from the program's founders and alumni in this four-minute video.