Bringing Together Scholarship Donors and Recipients to Celebrate Financial Aid


Dr. Charlie Johnson traveled from Florida to visit with Emma Smith '10


On May 8, Middlebury hosted its inaugural scholarship luncheon, bringing together donors and recipients for a celebration of the impact of financial aid. While donors have received letters and pictures from their scholarship recipients, this event allowed them to interact with the remarkable young people who benefit from their support. For students, the luncheon was an opportunity to express their gratitude in person and learn more about their sponsors, many of whom are alumni and trustees of the College.

The event also gave graduating senior Emily "Em" Allison, recipient of the Barbara and John Tormondsen '82 Scholarship, the opportunity to deliver a powerful message on behalf of her peers. In her moving remarks, Em explained how her own life was transformed by the gift of an education and how her Middlebury experiences taught her the value of giving back to her community. Her speech was a striking affirmation of the critical importance of financial aid.

We wish to thank the many donors and students who joined us for this very special occasion. We look forward to the next year's luncheon, planned for Saturday, May 7, 2011.