Middlebury Scholarships: A Gift that One Generation Gives to Another


Dave Gannett ’62 traveled from Seattle, Washington, to spend time with the recipients of his scholarship, Lauren Sanchez ’11, left, and Carlie Crawford ’11. Lauren's parents were not able to attend her thesis presentation the day before the event, but Dave came out early to cheer her on.

More than 200 donors and scholarship recipients came together on Saturday, May 7, to celebrate what they have accomplished together. For students it was a chance to meet the people who have made their educations possible, to share stories of their lives at Middlebury, and to express their gratitude in person. Donors were able to interact with the young people who benefit from their support and to see firsthand the impact of their gifts on these remarkable young men and women.

Seniors Lauren Sanchez and Ken Grinde spoke on behalf of their peers. Sanchez holds the Barbara Everard Gannett ’61 Memorial Scholarship, established by Dave Gannett ’62 in honor of his late wife. Ken Grinde holds the Charles M. Gately ’62 Family Scholarship. Both donors made the trip to spend time with their students and hear them speak.

Lauren Sanchez '11



Laureen Sanchez '11
“You have all shaped our lives more than one could imagine and have profoundly affected how we will approach life’s future challenges."

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Ken Grinde '11

Ken Grinde picture
"Something changed when I got a donor scholarship. ...[The donor] wasn’t asking for anything tangible, but rather wanted to see what I would do if left to my own devices with incredible freedom."


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