Thank You to Bread Loaf School of English, Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, and New England Review Donors!

The Honor Roll lists donors to Middlebury between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016. We are grateful for your support.


Shana L. Aue
Emily C. Bartels
Suzanne Smith Baum
Thomas A. Beach
Beverly G. Busch
Peter R. Busch
George L. Cady Jr.
Susan B. Cady
Kurt A. Caswell
Mary E. Collie
Serena W. Crawford
Forrest T. Curtain
Jay J. D'Lugin
Beverley D. Eddy
Truman C. Eddy
Elizabeth W. Feiner
Mark E. Feiner
Hubert C. Fortmiller Jr.
Manning Guffey
Diana M. Hernandez
Robin Howe
Joy S. Hurd IV
Simeon H. Hutner
Joan E. Kelley
Jonathan M. Kelly
Gregory W. Knapp
Suzanne M. Kochheiser
Roxanne M. Leighton
Jennifer G. Letourneau
John C. Lin
Marilee Chang Lin
Andrea A. Lunsford
C. Thomas Lynch III
Jerome P. Madden
Christopher R. Mitchell
Lois B. Mitchell
I. D. Muhlbaum
Robert A. Murken
W. M. Nailor
Frances Dean Nolde
Lisa L. O'Hara
Kathleen O'Neil
Larry I. Palmer
Jason Pomerance
Robert P. Prince
Sharon D. Prince
Elizabeth Sachs
Ronald E. Schachter
Nancy E. Seid
J. Lea Hillman Simonds
Melissa G. Simonds
Norman K. Smith
Holly A. Spinelli
Todd A. Sumner
Terry A. Tiernan
Vivian C. Tiernan
Mary T. Tisdall
Daniel C. Trosclair
Moss Turpan
Michael J. Vachow
Marna C. Whittington
Thomas Whittington
Anne Marie Wilhelmy
Pamela E. Wilkinson
Amanda Angle Wimbish
Jonathan S. Wimbish