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Financial support from alumni like you makes every student’s Middlebury experience possible. We realize that giving back to Middlebury is a choice. You don’t have to do it, and the fact that you choose to do it means a lot.

Class Agent

Donald W. Sherburne


Joan Allen Armour
Mary-Louise Wiley Bond
Scott H. Buzby
Barbara Lukens Calkins
Roland W. Coates Jr.
Robert C. DeLaney
Sally Stone Edmondson
Edward B. Furber
Margaret Curry Gregg
Edward R. Harris Jr.
Corolyn Johnson Hudson
Willard T. Jackson
Eleanor Stutz Kirlin
James W. Kitchell (deceased)
Donald C. Lelong
Marianne Folke Lincoln
Lois Schawaroch Mansfield
Gretchen Reger Mason
Lelia Webster McArthur
Ellen Hight Morris
Elizabeth Huey Newman
Van G. Parker
James D. Ross
William H. Stewart
Stephen A. Terry
Anne Moreau Thomas
Frank A. Vogt
Lois Behrman Watson
Charlotte Kastenbein Wendel (deceased)
Elizabeth Gale Woods
Nancy L. Young