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Class Agents

Richard T. Allen (Lead)
Clark Alvord II
Ann Golding Davis
Elizabeth Cushman Gumbart (Lead)
Susan Taylor


Richard T. Allen
Clark Alvord II
Jean Overhysser Arneberg
Dorothy Gill Bramley
George T. Byers
Peter B. Cascio
David H. Clemens
Valerie Shumaker Cosgrove
Lucia Thwaits Dahlstrand
Ann Golding Davis
Helen Bergen Downie
Barbara Beal East
Patricia Pattyson Eckley
Richard T. Fenton
Paul W. Fuetterer
Lincoln M. Furber
Abby Kreh Gibson
Clementine Wininger Gregory
Elizabeth Cushman Gumbart
John S. Hawkins
Phyllis Laidlaw Herring
Charlotte Mangelsdorf Holmes
Robert C. Kelly
Elizabeth Strong Kent
Alan R. Kimbell
Thomas E. Kohlberg
Margaret Schlumpf Lambert
Douglas S. Langdon
Patricia Brown McClearn
Irving L. Morris Jr.
Constance Gibbs Oliver
Joann Nevins Onacki
Sandra Sheffield Overton
Janet Pope Paulsen
Donald C. Peach
George W. Peck IV
Edward B. Perrin
Robert L. Prosser
Lindley M. Robinson
Ann McGinley Ross
Elizabeth Nichols Ross
Virginia Reynolds Rowe
Nancy Hamilton Shepherd & Thomas R. Shepherd
Marjorie McCallum Smith
Caroline Schindler Strout
Susan Taylor
Gardner S. Tilton
Patricia Hamilton Todd
Ann Whiteley Tracy
Virginia Hubbard Turner
Richard F. Wagner Jr.
Harding D. Williams Jr.
Anne Coleman Zehner