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Financial support from alumni like you makes every student’s Middlebury experience possible. We realize that giving back to Middlebury is a choice. You don’t have to do it, and the fact that you choose to do it means a lot.

Class Agents

Lois Wanstall Kaufmann
Cecily Mattocks Marshall
Nancy Wright Reuther
Thomas C. Ryan
Christopher D. Van Curan


Marion Thompson Adams
George I. Atwell
James W. Barnard
Thomas W. Beers
Robert M. Black Jr.
Suzanne Olsen Brown
Fred W. Buckley
Monica Dorr Burdeshaw
Sheila A. Collins
Mary Moreau Cowan
M. R. Davenport
Patricia Paullin Dinsmore
Kathryn Allin Dyson
Richard W. Esten
Marian Spaulding Ffield
Joan Sleppin Freeman
Nancy Stevens Fuller
Warren D. Fuller (deceased)
Elinor Osborn Gartner
Marcia Kraft Goin
Carol Anderson Gwatkin
Monroe B. Hall
Virginia Buys Hartwell
Barbara Barrett Heekin
James H. Hunt
Lois Wanstall Kaufmann
Jean G. Kern Jr.
Joanne Verbryck Kissinger
Lois Robinson Limbach
Judith McAvity MacDonald
Nancy Dreher Mavriks
Jane Ann Cole Miller
Lesley Harper Miller
Barbara Knight Moffitt
Peter A. Neisser
Nancy Whittemore Nickerson (deceased)
Leah Wallat Odden
Duncan G. Ogden
Julie Howard Parker
Peter T. Parker
Bruce I. Pelton
Margaret Surdy Pelton
Barbara Totten Perkins
Robert H. Perkins
Dana D. Preston
Erica Child Prud'homme
Tinka Risk Reed
Nancy Wright Reuther
Sally Green Risberg
Thomas C. Ryan
Richard H. Schmidt
William N. Scott
Irene Moseley Shiverick
Peter L. Simonson
William B. Skiff
Janet Buchanan Smith
Charles Steinecke III
Richard A. Stoehr
Marjorie Dawson Storrs
Diane Schwob Strong
Clarence C. Strowbridge
Karol Baldwin Teiko
Christopher D. Van Curan
Josephine Eaton Wagner
W. L. Welling
Susan Lackey Willoughby
Anne Bumstead Zabriskie