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Class Agents

Gloria Miglietta Ambler
Bronwen Williams Flahive (Lead)
Nancy Adams Roth
Randolph Rowland
M. J. Rudnick (Lead)
Jeffrey R. Sturges Sr. (Lead)
Jo Wayles


Paul M. Batiza
Elizabeth Boerckel Bayardi
Susan Porter Beffel
Eleanor Hubbell Coffey
Bronwen Williams Flahive
Christopher W. Fox
Patricia Hipp Fox
Doris Muir Gainer
Carol P. Harden
William F. Heney
Martha Antos Herrick
M. K. Hunter
William R. Jackson
Donna E. Jenckes
Elizabeth Rhodes Jenzen
Adele Kiefer Kricheff
Frederick W. Lapham III
Kathleen A. McGraw
Edward A. Miller Jr.
Catherine A. Morse
Katharine Hall Perkins
Maureen L. Pryor
Joyce Snyder Rappaport
Sally Stine Rockholt
M. J. Rudnick
Barry Sullivan
James S. Watson
Andrew M. Wentink