It’s your generosity that makes Middlebury so exceptional. 

Financial support from alumni like you makes every student’s Middlebury experience possible. We realize that giving back to Middlebury is a choice. You don’t have to do it, and the fact that you choose to do it means a lot.

Class Agents

Alan J. Levy
David T. Minot
Jane E. Peatling
James L. Ware Jr.


J. R. Bowman
David C. Brittain
Peter B. Colton
Mary Jane Dickson Cuneo
Anne Du Vivier
Ronald R. Duquette
James G. Fitzgerald
Christine Fraioli
Chris C. Granstrom
T. Michaela Pontoppidan Granstrom
John M. Halloran Jr.
Peter B. Harris
Kimberly A. Head
Scott M. Hill
Richard F. Hirsh
Amy W. Howlett
Robert D. Hutton Jr.
Lisa Jepsen-Lozano
Catherine A. Kiley
Barbara Schultz King
Susan M. Knoll
E. M. Koellhoffer
Nancy R. Kolligian
Mary Lee-Clark
Thomas R. Lehman
Alan J. Levy
Karen A. Massey
Bruce C. Mayberry
Margery Weil Mayer
Timothy P. Metzger
David T. Minot
Stephanie Cole Nelson
Paul J. Phillips
Susan C. Pond
Jane Hicock Rudolph
Charlotte Caldwell & Jeffrey H. Schutz
Evan S. Sorett
Trudie E. Thompson
Karen E. Thorkilsen
Stephen G. Trebino
Vivienne Longo Trebino
Allen S. Ventola
John M. Waters II
David M. Watts Jr.