It’s your generosity that makes Middlebury so exceptional. 

Financial support from alumni like you makes every student’s Middlebury experience possible. We realize that giving back to Middlebury is a choice. You don’t have to do it, and the fact that you choose to do it means a lot.

Reunion Committee Members

Lindsay James Dugan
Terry J. Epstein (Co-chair)
Darby Brown Fox
Victoria Seiden Gonin (Co-chair)
Dana J. Houlihan
Carey MacFarland Lennox
Suzanne Keating Lukens
Arthur M. Melville
Hugh Montgomery
Kevin E. Naughton
Maria T. Padian
Susan Parsons Ritter
Marie Dalbey Tabah
Ellen Hereford Thompson
William F. Truscott
Siobhan Leahy Ulrich

Cane Society Representative

Hugh Montgomery


Paige Fronapfel Bart
Edward L. Brown
David T. Cluxton
Hugh S. Coyle Jr.
Gretchen Smith Dewan
Witt J. Farquhar
Victoria Seiden Gonin
Carey MacFarland Lennox
Hugh Montgomery
Amy D. Wilcox