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Class Agents

Meghan Mitchell Allen
William H. Allen
Raegan Randolph Apostolatos
Brian W. Arcese
Margaret L. Aycock
Lauren Cullings Bonaca
Zachary A. Bourque
Sumit R. Choudhury (Lead)
David K. Cohen (Lead)
John P. Colianni
Jonathan A. Cormier
Jacqueline Spring Dimitri
Rebecca Belcher Feen
Jane Wilson Hall
Lydie B. Hudson Bowes
Genta Itoh
Faith Peters James
Benjamin R. Johns
Nathaniel I. Kellogg
Kristy Laramee Kerin
Ann M. Kloppenberg
Laura Marlow Latka
John W. McCann
Elissa Burnell McGee
Meredith Livoti Mialkowski
Theodore W. Noon III
Serena M. Peck
Susannah Beams Rose
James D. Rudolf
Susan Angst Rymzo
Michael C. Saunders


Meghan Mitchell Allen
William H. Allen
Katherine O. Batty
Kevin P. Borecki
Jonathan A. Cormier
David R. Gurtman
Sarah Day Guzman
Jane Wilson Hall
Vincent J. Idone
Andrew A. Jones
Boriana D. Karastoyanova
Caroline Bodkin Kaufman
Michael M. Kerkorian
James W. Mantooth
Katherine C. Mielke
Benjamin J. Otten
Kristin Behr Otten
Benjamin M. Pratt
James D. Rudolf
Willow M. Stein
Carmen E. Tedesco
Jameson A. Tweedie
W. Jeffrey Vollmer
Hilary Watts Wieczorek