It’s your generosity that makes Middlebury so exceptional. 

Financial support from alumni like you makes every student’s Middlebury experience possible. We realize that giving back to Middlebury is a choice. You don’t have to do it, and the fact that you choose to do it means a lot.

Reunion Committee Members

Christopher M. Angelini
Dean S. Atyia
Abigail E. Blum
Matthew J. Boucher
Jeffery H. Boyd Jr.
Kristin R. Fraser
David L. Campbell
Sarah E. Carnabuci
Melissa F. Cassis
Rachel A. Cole
Aifuwa J. Ehigiator
Pendery D. Haines
Bradley T. Hutchinson
Geetika Kalloo (Co-chair)
Rishabh Kashyap
James E. Kerrigan
Tyler C. Lohman
John W. Lysohir
Liza Reynolds Merolla
Chelsea A. Minton
Emily G. Molitor
Maegan Mishico Morris
Rowan I. Morris (Co-chair)
Audrey L. Nelson
Heather Neuwirth
Katherine Entwisle Palmisano
Philip B. Picotte
Amy M. Shepard
Liana Sideli (Co-chair)
Joseph L. Swensson III
Alexander S. Tarberry
Alexandra J. Widas


Jeffery H. Boyd Jr.
William A. Durkin IV
Alexander D. Elias
Papa N. Faye
Alexandra Fisher George
Ryan K. Gillette
Jessica S. Haber
Lindsay Parker Hopeman
Dana M. Isaac Quinn
Kerry Lynne Kiley
Christiana M. Martenson
Liza Reynolds Merolla
Emiko G. Neithercut
Michael J. Perez
Emily A. Peterson
Philip B. Picotte
Nathan J. Randall
Janet A. Schroeder
Michael W. Winter
Nitzah Gebhard Winter
Jedediah R. Yeiser