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Class Agents

Mourtaza Ahmad Ali
Victoria J. Aiello
Catherine F. Alexandre
Kylie K. Atwood
Alexandra T. Boillot (Lead)
Claire A. Bovet
Sara R. Cohen
Caroline E. Cordle
Margo Cramer
Daniel A. Crepps
Hilary C. Cunningham
Thomas H. Durkin
Charles D. Ellison II
Elizabeth A. Garry
Winslow M. Hicks (Lead)
Emma G. Hodge
Lucy M. Jackson
Charles T. Johnson
Heather L. Karpas
Scott J. Klenet
John E. Maher
Amanda Y. Ng
Lily K. Nguyen
Caroline W. Palmisano
James F. Pates
Sophia B. Perlman
Michael W. Polebaum
Alyssa M. Puccinelli
Caroline N. Regan
Astrid U. Schanz-Garbassi
Nadia R. Schreiber (Lead)
Ying Zhuo


Catherine F. Alexandre
Jocelyn M. Breton
Henry P. Butler
Corey M. Cooper
Thomas H. Durkin
Amy Doucette Gaskin
Lany J. Khattiya
Scott J. Klenet
Douglas A. Parizeau
Erin Tormondsen Powers
Nadia R. Schreiber
Rebecca L. Shaw
Kara M. Shurmantine
Benjamin T. Tabb
Yiling Zhang