It’s your generosity that makes Middlebury so exceptional.

Financial support from alumni like you makes every student’s Middlebury experience possible. We realize that giving back to Middlebury is a choice. You don’t have to do it, and the fact that you choose to do it means a lot.

Reunion Committee Members

Yetunde K. Adetoro
Robert C. Carpenter-Israel
Catherine C. Charnov
Kelsey W. Collins
John N. Duvnjak
Ethan C. Galiette
Charlotte L. Gardiner
Katherine N. Gladstone
Tara L. Hughes
Marissa P. Hurwitz
Maggie A. Khuu
Ryan B. Moores
Hannah R. Newman
Patrick M. O'Callaghan
Barbara Ofosu-Somuah
Henry R. Philip (Co-chair)
Gillian T. Porter
Eric T. Roberts
Brendan J. Scully
Christopher R. Steele
Sarah C. Steinle
James M. Tilson
Emily A. Wagman
Lucy I. Wagner
Kara S. Walker


Luis M. Alvarez
Sebastian A. Armstrong
Nathan A. Arnosti
Karl S. Benz
Sarah E. Boylan
Thomas E. Bryenton
Catherine C. Charnov
Della J. Cummings
Kristen E. DeGraff
Andrew J. Dittrich
Molly K. Downey
Stuart B. Fram
Peter O. Gruppo
Melanie L. Haas
Caroline A. Hedberg
Dunja Jovicic
Michael G. Koniares
Anthony F. Lee
Doo Hyun Lee
Emma R. Loizeaux
Allison A. Mackay
Rachel A. Madding
Jesse E. Miller
Anthony A. Morlani
Stephanie K. Moroney
Michael J. Morris
Dorothy D. Myers
Patrick M. O'Callaghan
Samuel F. Peisch
Sarah M. Pfander
Astrid J. Rademeyer
Scott T. Redmond
Eric T. Roberts
Patrick J. Rooney
Nathan D. Rudd
Christine J. Schozer
William T. Stoll
Ian G. Thomas
Reeve B. Waud Jr.
Andrew W. Weaver
Dustin H. Weigl
Karly L. Wentz
Karl M. Wetterhorn
Eric M. Wilson