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Financial support from alumni like you makes every student’s Middlebury experience possible. We realize that giving back to Middlebury is a choice. You don’t have to do it, and the fact that you choose to do it means a lot.

Class Agents

Khi Hua Chou
Greer M. Howard (Lead)


Amanda L. Bertholf
Nicholas D. Blelloch
Meghan M. Colwell
Robert L. Divers
Ziyu Du
Robert W. Faselt
Amanda N. Fishbin
William M. Goodman
Ilana M. Gratch
Mohamed Houtti
Greer M. Howard
Andrew W. Jung
Sarah T. Kravitz
Elizabeth A. Lovering
Thomas U. Lu
Joseph R. MacDonald
Timothy K. Macrae
Kathleen M. Maehr
Christoph A. Niederhauser
Premlata K. Persaud
Michael B. Russo
William S. Schwartz
John F. Shanley
Thomas M. Steinle
William C. Stevens
Micaela J. Thibault