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Class Agents

Michael H. Brady
Emily C. Goins
Isabel S. Kannegieser
Madeleine M. Pronovost


Allison R. Aiello
Ashley W. Babcock
Kyler K. Blodgett
Michael H. Brady
Natalie E. Burlant
Nicole A. Caci
Craig L. Calhoun
Caitlin M. Carroll
Jeremy B. Carter
Alden I. Cowap
Kyle B. Dickey
Elana V. Feldman
Paige A. Fernandez
Emily C. Goins
Jonah W. Heiser
Lisa Huo
Joshua Kim
Sarah M. Lake
Colin R. Larsen
Yuanbo Liu
Michael B. McGean
Mary M. O'Connell
Evan B. Patz
David O. Pesqueira
Madeleine M. Pronovost
Katherine A. Reinmuth
Cathryn P. Skinner
Elizabeth M. Stasior
Jared C. Whitman
Coumba E. Winfield
Klaudia Wojciechowska
Maria C. Yordan
Jessica L. Yorke