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The TrueBlue Society recognizes Middlebury's most loyal donors—those who make a gift to Middlebury every year. Whether a gift is $10 or $10,000, consistent support is a measure of alumni satisfaction, an important factor when foundations and corporations are considering Middlebury grant requests.

Society members have made a gift to the College for the past three consecutive years or more. 

The extraordinary education each Middlebury student receives is made possible with the support of our TrueBlue alumni. Year after year, gifts from True Blue donors not only sustain Middlebury but help it to thrive.

FOR SOME ALUMNI, MAKING A GIFT TO MIDDLEBURY IS PART OF THEIR ROUTINE. They enroll in our recurring gift program with a credit card and make small, automatic gifts to the College. It’s an easy way to do something important and make a difference, every month. Visit to make your recurring gift.