Faculty Support


Faculty Support - Ted Perry

Understanding a Visual Language: Media Studies with Ted Perry.  This profile was last updated in July 2013.

Faculty Support - Murray Dry

This profile was last updated in April 2014.

Faculty Support - Cynthia Packert

This profile was created in May 2014.

Fact Sheets

Faculty Support - Fostering Teaching and Mentoring

This fact sheet was last updated in September 2008.

Selected Multimedia

"Changing Lives: The McCardell Fund"—Audio visual slideshow about McCardell, Jr. Fund Professor, Don Wyatt.


Online Resources

Middlebury Magazine or Dispatch Articles

"Seeing Stars"—A fun story about Frank Winkler, the Gamaliel Painter Bicentennial professor of physics and chief stargazer, who hosts the observatory nights. (Summer 2012)


"The Adventures of James Fitzsimmons"—Middlebury Assistant Professor James Fitzsimmons traveled to Guatemala to study Mayan ruins. (Summer 2011)


News Stories

"Looking at the Battle of Gettysburg Through Robert E. Lee’s Eyes"—Smithsonian Magazine

A fascinating article on Anne Knowles, professor of Geography and winner of one of Smithsonian's American Ingenuity Awards for 2012, who discusses how GIS software can cast new light on history.


"Middlebury to welcome new international environmental policy professors"—Middlebury will welcome two new professors specializing in international environmental policy in Fall 2011. (March 2011)



Work/Life mini-grants—A list of Work/Life mini-grant proposals that have been funded by the college to promote balanced lives of faculty and staff at Middlebury.


Academic Administration homepage—oversees the College's academic program by supporting faculty and the curriculum.


Allison Stanger's appearance on the Daily Show: (March 2011)