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Please note that some of information in these stories refers to what is now the CCI by its former name, EIA.

"Why I Used Career Services and EIA"

Students from class of 2011 explain how EiA resources helped them accentuate their strengths and get their careers on track. (Summer 2011)

"Bicycle activist teaches free bike repair" - Chris Di'Orio '12 began a Bike Shed at his family’s home on Shelter Island, NY this summer, where he teaches people how to fix their own bicycles, for free. Chris got much of his training through volunteering and working at the Middlebury College Bike Shop.(June 2011)

"Our Place" - A panel discussion called “Race, Space and Place,” introduced by Susan Burch, director of Middlebury’s Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity, explores how race is a key—but often under-discussed—element of the communities we build and live in. (March 2011)