Kohn Field

Athletics - Kohn Field

This two-page fact sheet provides the most recent information on the Kohn Field project. It was last updated in July 2011.

"Rolling Out the Green Carpet"

A video by Communications on the construction of the new Kohn Field and the resource-conscious components of the project. (July 2011)


"The Kohn Field Restoration Project"—homepage for the Kohn Field Restoration (Summer 2011)


Older Stories

“Hoop Dreams” - Recaps the Middlebury Men’s basketball team’s journey to the Final Four this past year. (Spring 2011)


“The Anomaly” - Profile of Middlebury’s exceptional basketball star,  Andrew Locke ’11. (Spring 2011)


"Green Feats" - Middlebury athletes make individual commitments to sustainability, showing their support by wearing green shoelaces.


“The Greatest” - describes one of the greatest athletic duos of intercollegiate competition, Middlebury Hockey players Mike Karin ’59 and Phil Latreille ’61. (Winter 2010)


"Men's Lacrosse Players Earn All-American & Scholar Awards" (June 2011)


“Picking Up Butch Story Goes National Once Again”—description of ESPN’s feature on Middlebury athletics’ longstanding tradition of student-athletes picking up Butch, a local resident who suffers from cerebral palsy, to enjoy sporting events and other activities in the community. Includes a link to the feature. (Spring 2011)


“Cone Joins U.S. Team"—Middlebury Alpine Skiier Rob Cone '14 is selected to join the U.S. ski team. (June 21, 2011)