Cost and Relevance

This page of the toolkit houses articles about the leading financial and social issues in higher education, both as they pertain specifically to Middlebury and in general.

Cost and Relevance at Middlebury

Cost and Relevance

This is a two page overview created in March 25, 2013.

"Colleges will work together to help control costs"—Newsroom

An article about the consortium formed by Middlebury and two other Vermont private colleges to address rising education costs.

"Ceiling for Tuition Hike"—Inside Higher Ed

A key article about Middlebury's high-profile decision to cap tuition at an upward limit of one percentage point above the Consumer Price Index. President Ronald D. Leibowitz discusses the reasons behind this choice and the expected impact. (February 2012)

In the News

"How Much Do You Pay for College?"Chronicle of Higher Ed

Featuring Middlebury and a student organization (Money at Midd), this insightful article looks at how socioeconomic inequity is still a looming problem in higher education—and how students are putting the once-taboo topic out in the open.

"Online Enrollments Grow Again, Though Many Colleges Are Undecided on MOOCs"Chronicle of Higher Ed

A concise article about the increasing demand for Massive Open Online Courses, counterbalanced by certain educational institutions' skepticism towards them.

"eCornell Offers a MOOC That Steers Students to a Paid Follow-Up"Chronicle of Higher Ed

This article tackles a recent for-credit development in the online education opportunities offered by prestigious universities: "Cornell University’s online spinoff is moving into MOOCs, with a free marketing course in its hospitality program starting on Tuesday. But the program will be designed to steer students toward a follow-up course for $1,200 to get a professional certificate."

"Saying No to College"—NY Times

An article about the growing movement among college-age students to "hack" their higher education or to find alternatives to college institutions, such as starting businesses or self-teaching. (November 2012)

"College of Future Could Be Come One, Come All"—NY Times

The first in a series of articles exploring how certain colleges and universities, including Stanford and Princeton, are experimenting with crowd-sourcing technologies to launch massive online open courses (MOOCs). (November 2012)

"American Council on Education May Recommend Some Coursera Offerings for College Credit"—Chronicle of Higher Ed

In a pilot project, the American Council on Education will consider five to 10 Coursera offerings and certify them if it finds them equivalent to courses taught by an accredited college. (November 2012)

"What You Need to Know about MOOCs"—Chronicle of Higher Ed

This is a useful aggregator web page that provides basic information and links to recent Chronicle stories about online education.

"College, Still Worth It"—NY Times Blogs

Great story and graphics showing how college graduates still earn vastly more than non-graduates and that it's still a great investment, even when you factor in debt. (September 2012)