Experiential Learning

CA Liaison: Meghan Williamson '77
Phone: 802.443.5817
Email: meghan@middlebury.edu

Fact Sheets

The four page fact sheet offers a summary of the Programs on Creativity and Innovation.  Updated as of February 2014. 

Programs on Creativity and Innovation (PCI) (printable)

Programs on Creativity and Innovation (PCI) (readable)

This six-page fact sheet (note separate file for insert) offers a summary of the Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship.  Updated as of January 2014.

Center for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) (printable)

Center for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) Insert (printable)

Center for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) (readable)

This four page fact sheet gives an overview of Community Engagement at Middlebury College. Created in June 2014.

Community Engagement (printable)

Community Engagement (readable)


The fact sheet for MiddCORE is under revision.  For additional information on this program please visit the following website:


Online Resources

Middlebury Magazine or Dispatch Article

"Students Make Pitch for Social Entrepreneurship Grants"—An audio slideshow that includes interviews with John Isham and students making proposals for additional funding for their imaginative socially conscious projects. (Spring 2012)


"A Beautiful Mind"—An article about Emma Kitchen who won MiddCORE's "the Next Big Idea" challenge with her online community ConcussionsSpeak. (Winter 2012)


"Espirit de CORE"—MiddCORE, an ultra-intensive, four-week, 9 to 5 (and beyond) course that has taken place every J-term since 2008, is open to 16 Middlebury students and 30 mentors who travel from across the country for this experience. (Spring 2011)


News Stories

"The Business of Bootcamps"—Wall Street Journal Online

This article about various programs attempting to impart business or entrepreneurial skills—and the benefits of such programs—mentions MiddCORE, both in the form of a college course and in its new iteration on the Sierra Nevada College campus.


"Site funds student entrepreneurs"—The Middlebury Campus' article on MiddSTART, created through the Project for Creativity and Innovation in the Liberal Arts, which funds students’ ideas and projects through online donations from members of the College community.