Fact Sheets

Unforgettable Fact Sheet

This fact sheet gives you an overview of "What your creative planning can do for Middlebury", the impact planned gifts have.  Created in October 2012. 


Bequest Brochure

One World. Many Doors. Your Key. How did Middlebury open your life?  Updated Spring 2011.

CGA & CRUT brochure

Brochure gives an overview of Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts.  Updated Fall 2012.


For Instructions on Transferring Assets to Schwab for new life income gifts. Click here

Who to contact

Questions about preparing gift proposals for your donors: Anne x3196 or Deb x5616

Questions about gifts of real estate, stock, or other property: Anne x3196 or Deb x5616

Questions about a donor coming up on 50th reunion: Deb x5616 or Tiffany x5169

Looking for a marketing piece or something to inspire your donor to consider the Cane Society: Tiffany x5169

Want to know if your donor is in the Cane Society and what their plans entail: Laurie x5200

Filler visits for your next trip: Laurie x5200 or Tiffany x5169