Fact Sheets

Middlebury Language School (readable)

Middlebury Language School (printable)

Middlebury Language School Centennial FAQ's

This fact sheet gives an overview of the Language Schools.  The FAQ provides an overview of the Centennial Challenge.  Updated in March 2015.

Creating the Global Liberal Arts College (readable)

Creating the Global Liberal Arts College (printable)

Updated by Admissions in the Summer of 2013.

The Davis United World College Scholars Program at Middlebury

This brochure gives an overview of the UWC Program at Middlebury.  Updated in August 2012.

The Rohatyn Center for International Affairs and Middlebury College - A World of Experience

The Rohatyn Center (RCFIA) is a hub for international resources and global research at Middlebury College.  This brochures gives an overview of the RCFIA and the opportunities available.

Online Resources

Language Schools

Michael Geisler, vice president for Language Schools and Schools Abroad, and chief risk officer, has received the Friend of German Award from the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). (December 2014)

Tom Ashbrook, NPR's host for On Point, interviews Michael Geisler, VP for Language Schools and Schools Abroad, as part of his panel on "The Languages We're Learning Now." The show focused on trends in language study today. (May 2014)

April 3, 2014

Trustees approve Korean as the newest language at the Middlebury Language Schools. (April 2014)

"Around the World in 10 Events"—Midd Mag's "Top Ten" suggestions of Language School-related events, written by Michael Geisler, vice president for the Language Schools, Schools Abroad, and graduate programs. (June 2012)

Student spotlights from the school of Hebrew—includes an audio visual slideshow.

Schools Abroad

"New program in Jordan will open this fall"—Middlebury's newest C.V. Starr-Middlebury School Abroad, and the second Middlebury school abroad in the Middle East, will open for classes in Amman Jordan in fall of 2011. (March 2011)

"Middlebury and Brandeis establish program in Israel"—Middlebury and Brandeis have established the Brandeis University/Middlebury Program in Israel in the city of Beer Sheva and affiliated with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The program will begin offering classes in the spring of 2012. (March 2011)

"Sustainable Study Abroad Grant Recipients 2014-15"—"Sustainable Study Abroad Grants of up to $500 are available to students studying abroad through Middlebury College. Grants may be used for research projects or participation in events or projects related to sustainability issues."

"Why Choose Ferrara?"—Middlebury communications video profiling the Middlebury abroad program in Ferrara, Italy.

Middlebury Magazine or Dispatch Articles

"Two Students Awarded “Dream” Fellowships by Watson Foundation"—Two Middlebury seniors, Austin Davis and Sarafina Midzik, are awarded the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to pursue a year of travel and study outside the U.S. (March 24, 2011)

"Turbo Speak"—An audio visual presentation of Turbo Deutsch, "the lively and fast-paced course that offers three full semesters of German in just one." (March 1, 2011)

"In Other Words"—“Introduction to Translation Studies” is a new J-term class that focuses on translation and interpretation (T&I) theory and practice as a part of a recently launched minor in linguistics. (Feb 4, 2011)

"Zones of Peace During Times of War"—A description of one lecture from "Global Vision, Global Reach: The Middlebury-Monterey Lecture Series."

"How did you get here?"—Many of these narratives, posted to the Midd Magazine site, feature international students at Middlebury. Here are some of those students.

Amr Thameen ’14 (2011 narrative)

Fayezeh Mohammadpour ’14 (2011 narrative)

Melissa Williams '13 (2011 narrative)

Sopheak Chheng ’11.5 (2011 narrative)

Savant Man Shrestha ’13 (2010 narrative)

News Stories

"We Risked Our Lives to Go to School" - CNN

In this video interview, Middlebury alumna Shabana Basij-Rasikh opens up about her school experience in Afghanistan, dressing up as a boy to access education. She also explains how she's now campaigning to empower young women in search of learning around the world.

"What's the Secret to Learning a Second Language?" -

This article features several quotes from Michael Geisler, including the four conditions which he believes necessary for learning a new language. He also describes Middlebury Interactive Languages and what makes the program stand out from other language-learning alternatives.

"10 Colleges that are Great Brands" - Forbes Online

Forbes described Middlebury not only as "a top-tier liberal arts school," but also as a college with a strong direction towards an international perspective. Our brand is "[i]n a word: Global," Reads Forbes's caption.

"Class of '12 Has Record Number of Fulbright Recipients" - Profiles of the recipients and their international projects, from teaching English in Vietnam to studying conservational strategy. (May 2012)

Middlebury Interactive Languages - Middlebury to introduce online interactive language-learning program for pre-college students.

"Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies offers options for study abroad" - "The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, based at Oxford University’s Keble College, is the latest addition to the myriad study abroad programs available to Middlebury College undergraduates." (Feb 11, 2011)


'OMG! Meiyu' Introduces China to American Slang, Idioms and Jay-Z - PBS Newshour

Middlebury graduate, Jessica Beinecke has become a sensation in China for teaching American slang through fun online tutorials. In this televised interview for PBS, she explains why she wanted to teach in this way and shows off her fluency in Mandarin.

Language major alumni updates—Updates from Middlebury Alumni who majored in a language (from each department's web site.)

Russian major Alumni

German major Alumni

Japanese major Alumni