Solar Decathlon

CA Liaison: Hilary Cunningham '12
Phone: 802.443.5552

CA Liaison: Rick Greene '75
Phone: 802.443.3007

Team Middlebury: Solar Decathlon 2013 - Brochure

This printable, foldable pamphlet, last updated in July 2012, provides a concise overview of the 2013 Solar Decathlon entry, InSite, its design, and its mission.

InSiteBrochure - Outside Pages

InSite Brochure - Insert

InSite - Most Current Rendering

A digital projection of what the final house will look like, this image will change according to modifications in the design plans.

InSite Digital Render - August 2, 2012

The team has finished construction in Irvine! Check out our update page for videos and photos from the site.

Selected Multimedia

A Walkthrough of InSite

The 2013 team’s official virtual walkthrough, this playful video uses stopgap and computer animation to make the design for the new house come alive. A key step of the competition process, this piece of the project was submitted to the Department of Energy.

A Model Home

The wood pieces of the intricate model for InSite dance into place in this fun video by the 2013 Middlebury team.

Video Walkthrough of Self-Reliance

Team coordinators provide a tour of the 2011 Solar Decathlon house and explain the features that ensure both the comfort and the viability of the home.

Self-Reliance: Market Appeal

This video highlights the media skills of the 2011 Team to create an effective marketing video for the home they designed. The team won first prize for communications.

Solar Decathalon Send-Off - Video clip of the 2011 Solar Decathlon house being loaded onto a flatbed truck yesterday prior to departing for Washington, D.C.

Watch more videos about Solar Decathlon at the 2011 Team's YouTube channel:


U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Official Website

A good resource for one who might not be familiar with the competition and its purpose.