Fund-Raising Priorities

The Annual Fund

Support for the Annual Fund is Middlebury’s highest priority. Since these gifts are unrestricted and can be spent as they come in, they make a direct and immediate difference in the lives of current students and faculty. They enable Middlebury to provide extraordinary opportunities for learning and discovery, to offer financial aid to every student who needs it, and to respond to emerging needs and challenges.

Unrestricted gifts give Middlebury the flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities; many of Middlebury’s most innovative initiatives have been launched with support from the Annual Fund. Year after year, the Annual Fund not only sustains Middlebury but helps it to thrive. 

Financial Aid

Middlebury is committed to making the College affordable for all admitted undergraduate students, regardless of family resources. Students learn from those whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives are different from their own. To prepare our students to be global citizens, we must have the resources to recruit students from all backgrounds, from every state, and from around the world.

Financial aid is also a key priority for the graduate programs. Aid is awarded on the basis of financial need and scholastic achievement. Our goal is to increase the financial aid available to students, including mid-career professionals, who wish to enroll in these programs but cannot afford the full cost.

Applying the Liberal Arts

Middlebury students must be prepared to engage the world by testing and applying what they are learning in the classroom to real-word problems. They need opportunities to experiment and take intellectual risks, overcoming fear of failure, and to develop knowledge and skills that will serve them well in the global economy. These opportunities can be found through internships, volunteer activities, independent and collaborative projects, and undergraduate research.

Gifts create such opportunities and support centers dedicated to this goal, including the Programs on Creativity and Innovation, the Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Middlebury FoodWorks, the Center for Careers and Internships, and the Undergraduate Research Office.

Faculty and Academic Program Support

Personalized teaching and mentoring are at the heart of a Middlebury education in the undergraduate college, the Language Schools, Middlebury-C.V. Starr Schools Abroad, Bread Loaf School of English, and the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference. Gifts help to ensure small classes, excellent advising, and meaningful opportunities for collaboration. Such gifts enable Middlebury to recruit and retain top scholars and practitioners in all programs and to support research
and curriculum development, so that programs remain responsive to evolving fields of study.