Enhancing the Arts at Middlebury

Arts at Middlebury

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Middlebury College Museum of Art

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Performing Arts Series

Potomac Theatre Project/NYC Repertory Theatre

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Program in Studio Art

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The arts infuse the very fabric of the college community with the spirit of creativity and innovation.

The arts create powerful intersections between the classroom and real life. They open doors to lifelong appreciation and provide insights into our complex world. They also serve as a steppingstone to professional pursuits and a chance to make an important, creative imprint on that world.

We consistently encourage artistic expression and experimentation and provide the environment to help both flourish—with extraordinary results.

Arts Impact

Director of the Arts Pieter Broucke discusses the role of the arts at Middlebury.

The College serves as a hub for new and creative endeavors that reverberate beyond Middlebury—student work that enhances intercultural communication and artists who break new ground. Examples of these abound, including ambitious theatrical performances that win national awards, and dance and music tours to U.S. cities and venues abroad.

Middlebury’s spectacular setting and facilities attract distinguished local, national, and international artists to campus, providing mentorship and opportunities for audiences to experience art in ways they never would otherwise.

How You Can Help

Gifts to the arts:
  • underwrite the cost of theatre and musical productions,
  • make it possible for students and faculty to experiment with new forms,
  • cover the costs of sets, costumes, musical instruments, and studio supplies,
  • offset the cost of technical assistance, such as a technician to assist film and media culture students with complex equipment and editing software,
  • assist with travel to museums, concert halls, theatres, and urban centers,
  • enable students to do original research around the world.

Selected Arts Funding Opportunities

Ensuring Access and Opportunity
Providing financial support for students studying the arts at Middlebury
Scholarship provides full grant support to a student for one year (annual)                 


Endowed scholarship provides full grant support to a student each year (ongoing)   $800,000
Named, endowed scholarship provides a portion of annual grant support (ongoing)   $100,000
Internship in the arts      $5,000
Fostering Teaching and Mentoring
Ensuring small classes, excellent advising, and meaningful mentoring

Endowed professorship in the arts. Supports salary and benefits, research and
teaching stipends


PTP/NYC Summer (season sponsor)    $100,000
PTP/NYC Patron (performance sponsor)       $10,000
Visiting artists fund (annual). Brings artists to campus to work with students. Cost
depends on length and scope of visit
  to $50,000
Enhancing Programs and Infrastructure
Creating an Environment that encourages students to experiment and take intellectual risks
Museum exhibition and publications fund         $100,000
Named, endowed Performing Arts fund. Supports an annual concert or event   $200,000
to $500,000
Performing Arts Series expendable fund. Supports one event   $10,000
to $25,000
Endowed Performing Arts Series. Supports annual series of performances                 $2,500,000