Middlebury Museum & Visual Arts Council

The Middlebury Museum & Visual Arts Council (MVAC) advises and supports the Museum of Art, the Departments of History of Art and Architecture and Studio Art, and related programs at Middlebury. Established in 1998, the council is a diverse group of alumni, parents, and friends appointed by the president for their expertise to work in partnership with these programs and the Office of Advancement. Council members have distinguished careers in the arts; they share their wisdom, connections, and resources with Middlebury’s students, arts faculty, programs, and arts alumni.

The Middlebury Museum & Visual Arts Council and its sister organization, the Performing Arts Council (MPAC), together constitute the Middlebury Arts Councils.


In recent years, MVAC has established an endowment for arts internships, provided funds to restore important works in the collection, helped to fund exhibitions, supported research and the Museum's catalog of the collections, and provided see money for MuseumWorks!, an intensive 8-week paid summer internship program that introduces Middlebury students to the professional world of museums, libraries, and archives.

Over the years, the council has donated almost $500,000 to fund exhibitions, performances, internships, painting conservation, and other projects that enhance the arts at Middlebury.


The MVAC's members represent a wide range of artistic endeavors. They include art gallery owners and art collectors, museum directors, actors, musicians, artists, and patrons of the arts.

The council is chaired by Rick Lapham III ’70, president of Lapham and Dibble Gallery in Manhattan. Lapham, pictured at left, is a longtime advocate for the arts at Middlebury.

Council members stay informed about and advocate for the arts at Middlebury and meet annually.