A New Field House for Middlebury

Construction for Middlebury's New Field House is currently underway and is expected to be completed by February 2015.

The Project

The College began building the new field house adjacent to Kenyon Arena, replacing the Bubble, in 2013. It will double the amount of space available for varsity, recreational, and intramural use and will house a 200-meter track and artificial-turf infield for field sports. Learn more.


Work on design and permitting began in the fall of 2011. The infrastructure work—rerouting and upgrading the existing steam, sewer, electric, and water lines—was completed in early fall 2012. This enabled the College to begin construction on the squash facility in November 2012 and complete it a year later. Work on the field house is slated for completion in February 2015.

Middlebury's New Squash Center

The new Squash center opened in October of 2013 and is located behind Kenyon Arena. Since the facility was completed, interest in squash has increased among students and faculty members. The new facility has even provided the opportunity to bring students and the local community together through weekend training clinics. Learn more.

The Cost and Funding the Project

The College was committed to funding the project through gifts. The total fundraising goal approved by the Board of Trustees is $46 million for both the field house and squash facility.

"We want to encourage students to develop good health and exercise habits and to stay active all their lives."

—Erin Quinn '86
Middlebury Athletic Director 


For more information, call 802.443.5185.