Bread Loaf School of English

Campus Locations
  • Ripton, Vt.
  • Oxford, England
  • Santa Fe, N.M.
Number of students


Middle or high school teachers

80 % of students

Degrees offered
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Letters
  • Literature
  • Literary theory
  • Creative writing
  • Teaching of writing
  • Theatre arts

The Bread Loaf School of English offers what we think of as the best M.A. and M.Litt. degrees in the world for teachers of English and for other people interested in reading, in writing, and in talking about books.

The largest graduate English program in the country, Bread Loaf has a significant impact on K-12 education. Because 80 percent of those who enroll in our M.A. and M.Litt. programs are middle school and high school teachers, the things they learn during Bread Loaf summers benefit tens of thousands of young students in schools across the country and around the world.

At the Bread Loaf School of English, teachers recharge their careers, become writers themselves, and animate their classes with theater. So what happens at Bread Loaf goes everywhere and changes people—most of whom have never been to any of our campuses. Writing has power; it throws doors wide open.

Your Gift Matters

The Bread Loaf School of English needs your support more than ever. We rely upon student fees and Middlebury College’s always-generous stewardship of the Bread Loaf campus and our programs to support most of our operations. But your generous gifts are crucial as we work toward several important goals. Foremost among them is to ensure that every single student who requires financial aid can be funded at a full 100 percent of demonstrated need.

Please read about our funding priorities and reflect upon the impact that Bread Loaf has had upon the lives and careers of so many graduates and on the lives of the middle school and high school students who were fortunate enough to be taught by them. Then consider making a gift appropriate to your own priorities and circumstances.

Financial Aid

The primary need of the Bread Loaf School of English is increased funding for financial aid. Most of Bread Loaf's endowment, built up over the years from gifts by friends of the school, supports Bread Loaf's generous financial-aid budget. But we simply need more, especially if we are to achieve our long-term goal of meeting the demonstrated need of all of our students.

To support financial aid at Bread Loaf:
  • You may make a gift to one of our named scholarships. Gifts to a scholarship fund will become a part of the endowment for that fund, and the income from your gift will support your chosen scholarship in perpetuity.
  • If you do not have a preference, a gift to “Bread Loaf General Financial Aid” will go straight to the general financial-aid pool for the coming summer.
  • You may set up a full- or partial-cost student fellowship in your name, as an endowment or as a single or yearly gift.
Faculty and Staff Support

As all of our students know, the Bread Loaf faculty is the backbone of our programs. It has long been our goal to raise the salaries of some of the most remarkable professors in the United States and the United Kingdom, all of whom currently receive modest pay for their intense commitment to Bread Loaf students each summer.

You may make a gift directly to one of our established endowed professorships. Click here to see a list.