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Creating a Global Community

The College’s commitment to financial aid for international students has made it possible for thousands of exceptional young men and women from around the world to receive a Middlebury education, and their presence has enriched the experience of all students. Today, international students make up about 10 percent of the student body, and an international perspective is a hallmark of a Middlebury education.

In 2016, Middlebury launched an effort to engage alumni, parents, and friends in the Middlebury international community and to increase support for international students through annual and expendable scholarships. The effort is led by a group of alumni and parents—the International Leadership Committee.

A key goal is to establish new named scholarships for international students. The committee also aims to rally the international community to support financial aid for international students through the MiddSTART International Scholarship, which is part of Middlebury's crowdfunding efforts. You can read about the current recipient, Bethel Endawoke ’21, and make your gift here.

Meet the International Leadership Committee

Members of the International Leadership Committee share a belief in the importance of an international perspective for all Middlebury students. They are: