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Sujatha Menon Zafar ’94

Family: Lives in London with husband Kashif and two teenage sons, both of whomattend the American School in London.

Career: Full-time mother and part-time entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Launched resortwear brand Taska Resort in 2012. 

Education​: BA, Middlebury College.

Volunteer activities: American School in London PTA, Human Rights Watch, Seeds of Peace.

Interests: Art history, travel, reading fiction, architecture, fashion and design.

Where I've lived: Chennai, India); Concord, NH; New York and Westchester, New York; and London

Why I volunteer for Middlebury: I volunteer because it brings me great joy. It reminds me of some of the most wonderful times and people in my life. Being away from the States, it also feels like a little piece of "home." The sense of community is really infectious and volunteering and attending alumni events always makes me feel a bit closer to Midd.

Why I support financial aid for international students: Middlebury is a very important part of where I am professionally and personally today. I took full advantage of my four years at Midd, diving into all aspects of college life and work. The generous financial aid package that Middlebury offered me made it possible. Thanks to the generosity of people I had never met or known, my experience was possible. Now it is my turn to pay forward.