COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

When applicants are admitted to the graduate programs but turn down the opportunity to attend, the reason they cite most often is that they can’t afford cost. Gifts for financial aid provide the flexibility to enroll a wide range of students, including many teachers and other mid-career professionals who enrich their classes with their knowledge, practical experience, and motivation.

Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English

The innovative practices and programs teachers develop during Bread Loaf summers benefit tens of thousands of young students around the globe. The number one fundraising priority is securing scholarships and fellowships to bring those teachers to Bread Loaf.

Last summer, 62 percent of students received financial aid. Still, every summer students are unable to enroll, because their scholarships cannot stretch far enough to cover their costs. Many are young teachers with undergraduate loans and other commitments, who cannot fund a summer from their earnings.

Our goal is to provide enough aid to enable all students to attend who have the talent, the determination, and the drive to be at Bread Loaf and the potential to change their communities. That means increasing funding for immediate aid to current students, while building long-term scholarships support through endowed fellowships and scholarships.

Middlebury Language Schools 

Language Schools students emerge from their intensive experience with the tools they need to forge new connections with people from other countries and cultures, prepared to address some of the most critical issues of our times. As the Language Schools enter their second century of service, Middlebury aims to increase the Schools' impact, expanding the network of culturally fluent world citizens.

To that end, Middlebury must increase the funding for scholarships and fellowships. This is the Schools' highest fundraising priority.

Year after year, more than half of the students who apply to the summer Language Schools cannot attend. When asked why, the answer is invariably the same: there is not better program, and they are no less eager to learn the language than when they applied, but they cannot afford the Language Schools tuition and fees in additional to their student loans and other financial obligations.

Increasing the funding for financial aid would provide stipends to more students and increase the size of the grants we are able to award. That would enable a significant number of students to come to Middlebury who would otherwise be unable to do so.

Middlebury Institute of International Studies

By providing funding for scholarships, fellowships, and grants, donors enable the Institute to recruit students who can inspire, educate, and innovate.

Most of these students would not attend the Institute without financial support. The primary reason applicants cite for turning down a chance to attend the Institute is cost. Currently, just 2 percent of grant awards are supported by endowed funds dedicated to that purpose. Gifts for financial aid enable the Institute to provide more scholarship and grant assistance to students, including mid-career professionals, who wish to enroll but cannot afford the full cost.

Such gifts ensure that the Institute can enroll the most talented, diverse, and motivated students who are prepared to enter the professional world—and make change happen.