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100 Years of Language Learning

When you learn a new language, you grow a new soul. —Charlemagne 

This summer, the Middlebury Language Schools celebrated a century of innovation in language learning. In 1915 at the German School, Middlebury introduced the method of intensive immersion, anchored by the Language Pledge. A century later, over 1,500 students come to Middlebury and our West Coast campus every summer to study 11 languages. You can watch scenes and programs from the July celebration of the Language Schools centennial and the August Language Schools Commencement. We also invite you to explore the rich history of the Schools in this short video below.

There is a freedom in the speaking of another language that allows you to cross boundaries—to create new programs and solve problems that no one else could have, because your ideas can be expressed in more than one language.
—President Laurie L. Patton